Netshisaulu, Manyisi and Louw Contest for Mail & Guardian Woman in Print Award

Three excelling writers will battle it out for the Mail & Guardian Woman in Print accolade at the 2022 Momentum gsport Awards.

Dzudzie Faith Netshisaulu whose writing is accompanied by powerful photographs, FARpost writer Mpumi Manyisi who uses the platform to advocate for women’s football and independent rugby journalist Wynona Louw are finalists in the category.

The category awards a woman in print who is excelling in her environment and using her position to create powerful journalist content about SA women in sport during the Year under Review (1 July 2021 to 9 August 2022).

Tenacious SportsLive writer, Netshisaulu, is a dynamic scribe who’s experience in the game has earned her a seat amongst the most trusted writers in the country. Powerful images often accompany her writing.

Having started her journey over a decade ago, she shares how the recognition will assist in the advancement of her career in putting her name out there.

“It’s an honour because I have been in the industry since 2009 and it’s only now that one is getting that recognition. I feel blessed that I managed to hold on for so long, working and trying to get my name out there as well as my company’s name. Now something has finally come up, whether I win or not, I think just the fact that I have been nominated and I made it as a finalist will really put my name, my photography and my publication out there. As a young woman who has honestly struggled over the years for recognition, patience and assistance be it financially or emotionally. I feel really honoured to be this year’s finalist.”

The other contender, Manyisi, delivers fresh, thought provoking content every time she puts pen to paper. In her writing, Manyisi is an advocate for women’s football and is passionate about closing the visibility and inequality gap.

“It’s an absolute honour for me to get recognition from gsport, I traditionally follow the many gsport programs including the Awards. I’ve been cheering on previous finalists and winners and have drawn great inspiration from them. To finally be on the same stage and platform as them, is a dream come true, and validation over the work I’ve put in over the years. I’ll forever be grateful for this achievement of being selected as one of the finalists in the Mail & Guardian Woman in Print category, it speaks volumes and encourages me to work even harder, learn as much whilst enjoying what I do.”

Louw rounds up this incredible list of phenomenal women. As an independent Media Rugby Journalist, Louw has cemented her place as one of the most trusted rugby writer in South Africa in an extremely male-dominated space.

“I am so excited by this and everything that can come with it. This is my first time and it feels really amazing especially given that so many of us work in such heavily male-dominated industries especially in rugby. Regardless of who wins, I think just being a finalist will do so much in terms of getting a bit more recognition and just standing out. I mean we already stand out seeing that we are females in sport but it’s positive standing out and proper recognition. I think that, that is what the Award and being a finalist as well as involvement in any way, shape or form with gsport can do for your career.”


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