Nontokozo Madonsela: “Momentum Has Been Behind Women’s Sport for Many, Many Years” 

Chief Marketing Officer at Momentum, Nontokozo Madonsela, has highlighted the company’s continuous investment in women’s sport over the years. 

In a recent interview with Newzroom Afrika, Madonsela reflected on their   inaugural Women Who Make Moves in Sports Summit, which assisted women in the game to find ways to commercialise their brands. 

“Momentum has been behind women’s sport for many, many years and for us, really, I think if you look at what Momentum does every August, we do an exciting campaign called “#SheOwnsHerSuccess”, because there are many households that are led by women in the country,” said Madonsela.

“And, that campaign extended to women who make moves in sport because the conversation about the sponsorship gap is not enough to be had in terms of the sponsorship gap from the company’s side. So, we sought to get two days with female athletes, to really give them tools, tricks, advice, so that they can find other ways to commercialise their brands and to negotiate better deals for when they are on the field.” 

Reflecting on their inaugural edition of the summit, Madonsela says they ticked the boxes and achieved their goals.

“We got such incredible feedback from the participants over the two days. One, we took a risk because we didn’t know if everyone felt like being in a class from 09h00 to 17h00, and on the public holiday being Women’s Day, they had a hectic schedule. 

“What was incredible was that they appreciated the content that we touched on, we touched on topics like how do you read your contracts, how do you negotiate better in terms of the legal stuff, how do you build your personal brand and tell a story that is authentic to you as the athlete, how do you use social media to get your numbers because it’s one thing to have your viewers and fans watch you when you playing on television, but when you are on your personal social platforms you need to have numbers because that is what brands buy into.”

Momentum now shift focus to the #SheOwnsHerSuccess workshop series, starting on Thursday, 17 August 2023. 

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