Olympic Stars Return for Hockey IPT

by | Aug 17, 2012

Defending champions Western Province's captain Kate Woods in action against KZN Coastal Raiders during the 2011 SA Women's Interprovincial Hockey Tournament. The 2012 edition of the IPT gets underway on Sunday 19 August, with North West up against SA U21 side. File photo: Frikkie Kapp

The 2012 SA Women’s Interprovincial Hockey Tournament (IPT) gets underway on Sunday, 19 August at Randburg Hockey Stadium.

Western Province are the defending champions, having beaten Southern Gauteng 4-3 in the 2011 Final at the University of Free State in Bloemfontein.

The tournament features two pools of six teams in the A Section and one pool of six teams in the B Section. The A Section will play five pool matches and then play cross-pool matches on the penultimate day, followed up with classification matches on 25 August, the final day of the tournament.

The top 12 teams for the A Section are selected based on their positions in the previous IPT held in 2011. The B Section teams have the opportunity to qualify to move up to the A Section by winning the B Section. The team ending up in last position in the A Section is then replaced the following year by the winning B Section team.

Speaking to gsport about her expectations for this year’s IPT, Tournament Director Sue Simmonds said: “There will be a number of the Olympic Games team members playing this year which will guarantee a first-hand glimpse into the level required to enter the arena of such a phenomenal event. Teams work hard for the prestige of being the top provincial team in South Africa so I am sure the hockey will be exceptional.”

Speaking about the standard of women’s hockey, Simmonds said: “It is definitely growing from strength to strength. With so many doors opening on an international level for our SA players the game is definitely on to reach the top and gain selection to the SA Team.


The 2012 SA Hockey IPT (Section A):
Pool A:
Western Province
KZN Raiders
North West
Kaspersky Wits
SA U21
Pool B:
Kaspersky Southerns
Eastern Province
Free State A
KZN Mynahs
KZN Inland
Senior Women Outdoor IPT (A Section) Fixtures:
Sunday 19/08/2012
12.00 A01 North West vs SA U21
14.00 B01 Eastern Province vs KZN Inland 16.00 B02 Northerns vs Free State A 13.00 A02 KZN Raiders vs Amathole 15.00 A03 Western Province vs Kaspersky Wits 17.00 B03 Kaspersky Southerns vs KZN Mynahs
Monday 20/08/2012
09.00 B04 Northerns vs KZN Inland
11.30 A04North West vs Kaspersky Wits
11.00 B05 Eastern Province vs KZN Mynahs 13.00 A05 Western Province vs Amathole 15.00 A06 KZN Raiders vs SA U21 17.00 B06 Kaspersky Southerns vs Free State A
Tuesday 21/08/2012
09.00 A07 Kaspersky Wits vs Amathole
11.30 B07 Northerns vs Eastern Province
11.00 B08 Free State A vs KZN Mynahs
13.00 A08 KZN Raiders vs North West
15.00 A09 Western Province vs SA U21
17.00 B09 Kaspersky Southerns vs KZN Inland
Wednesday 22/08/2012
09.00 B10 Northerns vs KZN Mynahs
11.30 A10 Amathole vs SA U21
11.00 B11 Free State A vs KZN Inland
13.00 A11 Western Province vs North West 15.00 A12 KZN Raiders vs Kaspersky Wits 17.00 B12 Kaspersky Southerns vs Eastern Province
Thursday 23/08/2012
09.00 B13 KZN Mynahs vs KZN Inland
11.00 A13 North West vs Amathole
11.30 B14 Eastern Province vs Free State A 13.00 A14 Western Province vs KZN Raiders 15.30 A15 Kaspersky Wits vs SA U21 17.00 B15 Kaspersky Southerns vs Northerns
Friday 24/08/2012
09.00 A6 vs B5
11.30 A5 vs B6
11.00 A4 vs B3
13.00 A3 vs B4
15.00 A2 vs B1
17.00 A1 vs B2
Saturday 25/08/2012
09.00 A Loser A6/B5 vs Loser A5/B6
11.00 A Winner A6/B5 vs Winner A5/B6
11.30 B Loser A4/B3 vs Loser A3/B4
13.00 A Winner A4/B3 vs Winner A3/B4
15.00 A Loser A2/B1 vs Loser A1/B2
17.00 A Winner A2/B1 vs Winner A1/B2


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