Poppy Ntshongwana: My Love of Sport and My Journey in Cricket

by | Apr 6, 2019

I’ve always loved sport and it’s the only thing I get extremely emotional and very competitive over. If I’m honest, my Mom is the reason I love cricket and all sport actually. She used to make us watch EVERYTHING – from 5 day Test matches to Rugby, Tennis and the Olympics. 

I think I’ve just naturally gravitated towards cricket because of her obsession with it. I’ve learnt a lot from her. She’s great at observing the game and I love her off the cuff commentary because she’s got such an animated point of view.

“My mom is the reason I love cricket.” – Poppy Ntshongwana

There’s just always a life lesson to be learnt or a story to draw inspiration from. There’s stories of discipline and dedication from world class athletes. The lessons you learn from losing critical games and having to pick yourself up again. 

Also from a broadcasting perspective, just knowing how to pepper your commentary with the right mix of knowledge and passion. It all feeds into the energy and the beauty of sport, and I’m constantly paying attention to that because it resonates with me and my life.


See: Poppy Ntshongwana announced by Lions Cricket as their first ever female Stadium Announcer, at the Wanderers in Johannesburg


My journey into cricket has been interesting and it’s become difficult for me to ignore. I’ve dabbled a little in this space. I was sent to the 2007 Cricket World Cup and I recently did some work on the inaugural Mzansi Super League. 

I’ve spent the last six months trying to hone my understanding of the game and figuring out where I could fit in. I’m realising that this is a space I could possibly add value to. I’m passionate about the game and as a broadcaster it only makes sense to merge the two now.

“For me sport is the lens I use to make sense of the world.” – Poppy Ntshongwana

I think right now my focus is to grow as a cricket broadcaster. I have a lot to learn and I have to be malleable and teachable in my new role. So I’m excited for that.

I must recognise and thank Kass Naidoo for igniting my flame for cricket broadcasting. She’s played such an important part in showing me and other women that the cricket path can be a successful career option for us. 

To my Lions and Wanderers family, I’ll always be super grateful for this amazing opportunity. It’s an incredible honour to represent you and to be part of the Wanderers team – I hope to make you proud!


Photo caption: Broadcast specialist Poppy Ntshongwana has announced as the first-ever female Stadium Announcer for the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. Here gsport member Poppy blogs about her love of sport, with a special fondness for cricket. Photo: Supplied


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