Rachel Makhura: “I’m En-route to Greatness!”

by | Apr 27, 2022

One of the most celebrated media stars on the Momentum gsport Awards stage, Rachel Makhura, continues to make significant career moves.

After 10 years of hard work and dedication to her craft, Makhura is relishing in her new role on the Weekend Sport and Sport Wrap shows on Radio2000.

Reaching over 2 million listeners, Makhura believes there is no better way to celebrate a decade of her career in the sport media field as she gets to share her passion for the game.

Makhura says the last 10 years have been filled with rejections but is grateful to have surrounded herself with prominent women in sport who have believed in her abilities.

As an award-winning sportscaster, Makhura reveals the power of being recognised serves as confirmation that you are on the right path and sets the tone for one to strongly believe that there will be more great things to come.

With ample experience and knowledge under her belt, Makhura advises young, aspiring women in sport media to venture into the industry for the right reasons, saying: “It’s serious business and should be treated as such.”

Speaking with Celine Abrahams, Makhura shares highlights of her career to date and future plans.


Rachel, congratulations on your recent appointment at Radio2000 on the Weekend Sport show! What does it mean to you to have received this opportunity?

Well firstly it means I get to talk all things sport on national radio to the 2 million listeners of this great radio station. It has always been a dream of mine to join Radio2000. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my bosses at SABC Sport for trusting me with both shows (Weekend Sport – Saturdays 15:00pm-18:00pm and The Sport Wrap – Sundays 18:00pm-19:00pm), what an honor. This year marks 10 years since I joined the SABC and 10 years in the sport media field. I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration!


What was your first show like and how were you feeling?

The first show was GREAT! It felt like I hit the jackpot! It was a moment no one could have taken away from me. It was my moment to shine, and so I did. And the welcome from the listeners was heartwarming.


This opportunity has come after 10 years of hard work. What would you say has been the most challenging, but fulfilling part of your journey to date?

Oh goodness! 10 years of hard work and dedication. 10 years of remaining grounded and staying true to myself. 10 years of not giving up. In the last 10 years, there have been rejections, but those rejections allowed me to go back to the drawing board and hone my skills. When the time was right, SABC Sport called, and I gladly answered.


Who are some of the women in sport who have supported your career and mentored you along the way?

I have surrounded myself with women who believe in me and my abilities. These women are my fellow media colleagues who continue to lead the way in their respective fields. Busisiwe Mokwena – founder of Diski Queenz and Lethabo Kganyago of iDiski Times – women who have been celebrated and acknowledged by gsport4girls.

Throughout my career, I didn’t get the chance to be mentored, which is something I would have loved. In the early years of my career, I did approach several women who I respected (and still do), but they careers were on the upward trajectory, and I guess the opportunity of mentorship took a backseat.

In the later stages of my career, I kept in contact with Cynthia Tshaka and Kass Naidoo who were always available to give valuable advice.


As one of the most celebrated media stars on the Momentum gsport Awards stage, what are your views on the power of being recognised for your craft and how it plays a part in shaping the rest of your career?

Been recognised for my work is an indication that I am doing something right and that I am on the right path. I have been on this path for 10 years. 10 years later, I am reaping the rewards, and I strongly believe this is only the beginning of greater things to come.


How has the awards played a role in your career?

Having been recognized by gsport4girls has allowed me to continue in my line of work.  My mission is to speak women sport and it’s going to be great to bring my passion to the Radio 2000 platform.


What are some of your career highlights?

There have been so many. I have won 5 gsport4girls awards. Three won on one night in 2016. Three awards in one night? Never been done on the gsport stage. What about the three gsport radio awards I won three years consecutively? The rest is history.


More than ever before, we are seeing an abundance of young women interested in venturing into the sport media space. What advice would you share with them as they hope to make a positive impact in the sport industry?

Young women must get into this industry for the right reasons. I cannot stress it enough! It’s serious business and should be treated as such.

Study and get your relevant qualification. That qualification will make it easier to break into the industry.

If you can, get a mentor who can help you navigate your way in the industry.  It will get hard; you need someone who can provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling.

Know your sport and read every sport related content.

Be ready and stay ready.


As you continue to tick the boxes in your career, what else is on your bucket list?

There is a lot I am working on now. My dreams are slowly becoming a reality.


What is the one quote you live by which keeps you grounded and focused on improving your craft?

“Nothing great can be accomplished without passion.” – A quote by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hege.

I’m en-route to greatness!


Photo 1 Caption: Award-winning sportscaster, Rachel Makhura, pictured at the 2020 Momentum gsport Awards. Photo: gsport

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