Rademan in Dream SPAR Proteas Debut

Imagine the feeling of debuting for your national team in a tournament where you are pitted against Africa’s best and to put the cherry on top of the cake, you walk away with a winners’ medal around your neck? Well, for SPAR Proteas’ Lefebre Rademan, she’s feeling on top of the world.

On Tuesday, 22 October 2019, Rademan together with her SPAR Proteas teammates lifted the 2019 Africa Netball Cup, with a clean sweep of victories and for the Kovsies Varsity Netball captain, this was her first-time being part of the national team.

Speaking exclusively to gsport, Rademan highlights her journey that has begun with the national team, the difficulties that she encountered in the African Netball Cup and her hopes of making the team for the 2023 World Cup on South African soil.

Lefebre, firstly, a huge congratulations to you and the SPAR Proteas team on winning the 2019 Africa Netball Cup. How was that experience for you?

Thank you so much. It was the best experience and so excited for what lies ahead.


This was a special tournament for you as you came in and got a chance to prove yourself at national level. Did you find it any difficulties over the period of the tournament?

Yes! It was a bit difficult because it’s next level and the intensity is much higher, but I enjoyed everything about it to challenge myself.


You got the opportunity to work and learn from the likes of your captain, Bongi Msomi and sharp-shooter, Lenize Potgieter who have ample experience under their belts. What was it like for you to be surrounded in their midst and what did you learn from them?

Wow, what an honour it was playing with such legends. I learned a lot from them, they have a lot of experience and I was just eager to learn everything.


What did you think of the Africa Netball Cup in terms of the competition from the rest of the African teams?

It was tough, though we might have won games within a big margin. It was still physical, and they play another type of netball style.


Personally, what did you make of your performances on the court when coach Dorette Badenhorst gave you chances to play?

I think I used my opportunity when I got it and I hope to always make a difference when I get the opportunity.


What advice has the coaching staff shared with you after the tournament has ended?

Just keep working hard.


Your performances in the Varsity Netball tournament where you were named the Player of the Tournament, played a part in giving you the edge to be selected for the SPAR Proteas team. Looking back, how was the Varsity Netball tournament for Kovsies?

I’m proud of the girls but really hoped that we could play in the final. I know we’ve learned from our mistakes and I’m excited for the new year.


You were also the captain of the side. What is it like to be a leader of a team as in most cases responsibility lies on your shoulders?

Yeah, it’s a big responsibility. I always try to lead by example.


Do you believe that given the leadership role at your varsity team has built you mentally for what would be coming your way seeing that you have raised your hand to feature more in the national team?

I think it can play a role yes. My Coach always says that everyone is a leader on the court, and I try to see that I am a leader wherever I go and try to set a good example.


Where would you like to see yourself in the next five years?

Wow, I would want to stay part of the SPAR Proteas team and hopefully play the World Cup in 2023.


Photo 1 Caption: Lefebre Rademan pictured in action against Lesotho and received her first cap for the SPAR Proteas at the 2019 Africa Netball Cup at the Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town on Friday, 18 October 2019. Photo: @Netball_SA on Twitter

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