The South African Rugby Union has come to the aid of struggling women’s rugby players who have been affected by the impact of the Coronavirus on sport.

SARU has identified a group of unemployed Springbok Women’s players who will receive financial assistance during the lockdown.

SARU confirmed to that players had been identified prior to the lockdown and measures to assist the 15s players will be implemented.

“A group of unemployed players who are part of the national 15s programme were identified according to specific criteria before lockdown already and receive financial assistance, with the specific purpose of assisting with their nutritional and personal needs. They were also given gym contracts for a few months but obviously can’t use it during lockdown,” SARU Spokesperson pointed out.

“The players in the national squad can access the player monitoring system, which allows the management to follow their progress and training remotely.

“The national players have also received certain training aids to assist with their training in line with the home-based programme supplied to them in the lead-up to the international season.”

Players from the women’s 15s side are on a pay as you play policy meaning that they receive match fees.

With COVID-19 putting all matches on hold, this news of financial assistance will come as a relief as players will be able to meet their monthly expenses and obligations.



Photo 1 Caption: The South African Rugby Association confirm that the federation has identified a group of unemployed Springbok Women’s 15s players to assist with financial relief during lockdown as well as training aids in line with a home-based programme. Photo: Supplied