Former surfski world champion, Hayley Nixon, has played her part in a Canoeing South Africa (CSA) 24-hour Canoeing4COVID-19 event to raise funds for those in the paddling community that have been severely affected by the extended lockdown.

The 24-hour Canoeing4COVID-19 event started off with an open group ergometer session on the CSA Facebook page at midday on Saturday, 25 April 2020, while former surfski world champion, Hayley Nixon led an open paddlers gym session on Sunday morning.

Speaking about the successful weekend’s event, CSA President, Kim Pople, said,

“I have been in contact with a number of the development teams throughout the country as well as the broader paddling community and hunger has become a serious issue.

“Since the increase in the lockdown period the effects have been devastating so we used social media as a way to bring our community together to help the rest of our community in need.”

The funds generated will be managed by a specific COVID-19 subcommittee that has been set up by CSA.

Pople said the rally was a show of solidarity among paddlers worldwide as well as an effort to raise money to alleviate the suffering caused by the extended lockdown.

“I don’t ask for much help but help us help the rest of our community,” she added.



Photo 1 Caption: As the continued coronavirus lockdown grips the country, Canoeing South Africa hosted a 24-hour Canoeing4COVID-19 event this weekend as a way to raise funds for members of the broader paddling community that have been badly affected by the lockdown. Photo: Planet Canoe (Twitter)

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