Stuart, Ngcobo and Zondo Contend for the SuperSport Woman in TV Award

Voting for the 2023 Momentum gsport Awards is two days away from closing and the SuperSport Woman in Television award category has become highly competitive, with Julia Stuart, Vusiwe Ngcobo and Xoli Zondo going toe-to-toe in the race for the top spot.

Stuart returns to the category after winning the prestigious award in 2021. The former SuperSport football anchor has become a household name in sports broadcasting. 

Over the past year, Stuart covered the FIFA Men’s and Women’s World Cup tournaments, while also working in the local football scene and providing insights on the Premier League. 

Speaking about her journey on HeartFM, Stuart said, “When I was starting out as a journalist, there was no one who looked like me covering sports on TV.”

Stuart went on to emphasise the importance of representation, stating, “Leila Daku, one of my friends, we are friends because we’re women in sports and our challenges are the same, and great people. Leila said something so profound, ‘You can be what you can’t see.’ Absolutely true. I hope that by being visible, by being on screen, I hope women and young girls see me and say if she could do it, then I can do it.

“I always say I’ve carried myself with that responsibility of the next generation, always trying to open doors, always trying to be professional, always the most prepared person in the room so that when the next girl comes along they don’t hesitate to give her an opportunity.”

Esteemed SABC Sports and SABC News Broadcaster Ngcobo has been recognised for her significant strides over the years. 

Her influence and dedication to promoting women in sport is undeniable. Reflecting on her recognition, Ngcobo said, “For me, this backing from an institution such as gsport says we see what you do, we know what you do, and we appreciate what you do. And also with the backing and that visibility, just comes the ability to then be able to commercialise what gsport is doing, and to give it that financial backing and support, thereby allowing for other young girls and other women across South Africa to be able to see themselves and who they aspire to be one day.”

Regarding the SuperSport Woman in TV award recognition, Ngcobo highlighted the impact it could have on inspiring the next generation, “Because without that, a little Vusiwe sitting somewhere in South Africa would not even know that it’s possible to achieve the things that other women, whether it be in broadcasting, in print media, in athletics, and in different sporting codes, are able to do.”

With the awards ceremony a few weeks away, the competition for the SuperSport Woman in TV award category has reached its peak. The nominees, Vusiwe Ngcobo, Julia Stuart, and Xoli Zondo, have all made remarkable contributions to the world of sports broadcasting and have become inspiring figures in their own right. 

The honour of the nomination itself is a testament to their achievements, and regardless of the final outcome, they have undoubtedly paved the way for future generations of women in sports media.

Head over to to vote for your favourite in the SuperSport Woman in Television award!

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