Student Vacation Reporter Represents gsport at Wanderers

by | Jan 16, 2020

gsport’s aim is to pave the way for women in sport and this week, Student Vacation Reporter, Valencia Seshoene, represented the team at The Gallery – Wanderers Stadium, where Cricket South Africa announced a 15-member squad for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup.

The student from University of Johannesburg joined the gsport team for the month of January and was eager to try her hand at presenting an event when the opportunity arose.

“When I was told about the opportunity to cover an event that is about women, I was very excited,” Seshoene told gsport’s Celine Abrahams.

“From the day I was told about the event I started practicing in front of the mirror with the help of my brother. At the arrival at Wanderers I was early and there were few people and I was relaxed, then people started arriving and I started having goosebumps.

“I have been exposed to some incredible women in sport.” – gsport Student Vacation Reporter, Valencia Seshoene.

“Luckily Ryk Meiring and Kass Naidoo (gsport’s Founders) calmed me down and were patient with me, the moment we were done with the opening video I couldn’t believe it was me! It was like I was watching a different person in that video and I must say I was very proud of that girl I saw there.

“I enjoyed taking pictures and videos of everyone at the event, had an opportunity to talk with some players and I got a good tip to improve my interviewing skills from Coach Hilton Moreeng, which I will never forget.”

With the young Seshoene having taken a huge stride towards her career, she is continuing to make sure that she delivers her best.

“Being given the vacation post one thing I told myself is I have to give it my all and work hard. With the tasks that I have been given, I have been exposed to some incredible women in sport, others that I did not know about and from that I fell in love with hearing more and more stories about women in sport.

“This year being my last year at UJ, I’ve always known that I wanted to cover sports, but since joining gsport I am certain that I will be doing women’s sport. Kass paved a way for us and now it is up to us to make sure the future of sport is female.”



Photo 1 Caption: gsport January Student Vacation Reporter, Valencia Seshoene, pictured at The Gallery – Wanderers Stadium on Monday, 13 January 2020. Photo: gsport

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