Women in Sport Follow in the Footsteps of Charlotte Maxeke

Refiloe Jane. Photo: Supplied

As we commemorate Human Rights Day and celebrate the impact of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke, gsport salutes 10 Women in Sport who are successfully pursuing their education and academic goals as they follow in the footsteps of this fearless icon and activist.

Daniella Rhodes Becoming a Star in Her Own Right

It seems that athleticism runs in the genes of the Rhodes household as legendary South African cricketer, Jonty Rhodes' daughter, Daniella, is a shining star on the hockey field in the United States. Photo: Supplied

Daniella Rhodes is a chip off the old block. The daughter of legendary South African cricketer, Jonty Rhodes, is successfully making her mark on the hockey field in the United States for Liberty University. She chats to Celine Abrahams about her hockey journey and her passion for fashion merchandising.

Dr Johmari Logtenberg Finds New Success

Meet Dr Johmari Logtenberg, the former South African women’s cricket vice-captain turned golfer, whose sporting career was agonisingly cut short, but her champion mentality has seen her rise up to become a leading chiropractic doctor.

March 2008 Style Star: Sorisha Naidoo

  Actress, TV presenter, and radio personality, Sorisha Naidoo always looks stylish whenever she’s out and about socializing at A-list gatherings. Her favourite designers include Warren Morck, Vera Wang, and […]

Play Sport: How To Win Over Sponsors

Last October, gsport launched a three-part series focusing on the benefits of playing sport. In our first article, we considered the question of Health, with an emphasis on nutrition and […]

Foxy Does Cricket

5fm deejay Nicole Fox is set to get South Africa talking about cricket as we await the first match of the ICC Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean.

Kass Ready For Bumper Season

Kass Naidoo is back on our television sets for the summer cricket season, and was delighted to meet many of the visiting Indian media contingent at the start of a […]

Kass Spreads her Wings

gsport editor Kass Naidoo departs for an international destination of choice this afternoon, having been appointed by Tensports TV Network as presenter/commentator in the high-stakes Hong Kong Sixes tournament, which […]