Tips for Aspiring Women Leaders in Sport

Becoming a leader in the world of sports can be challenging, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Check out these top tips to make your mark in the world of sport!
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Hedda Wolmarans Packs a Mean Punch

South African junior welterweight female boxing champion, Hedda Wolmarans, hardly lets her guard down because in her sport, one wrong move could result in a TKO. Nicknamed Shredder, Wolmarans is […]

Zintle Mpupha Swaps Cricket for Rugby

Zintle Mpupha left a promising career in cricket in 2013 to take up rugby. Today, she is the Springbok Seven’s Women’s Rugby captain and she believes that the current crop of female rugby players will change the face of the game for the next generation. She chats to Celine Abrahams about her sporting journey and the impact she wants to make.

Reabetswe Mpete Nurtures Future Sport Stars

Reabetswe Mpete’s passion for sports and nurturing athletes’ talents has seen her spend five years working with SASCOC, playing an integral part in the Youth Olympics and she is planning to open her own management agency soon. Photo: Supplied

Reabetswe Mpete, dreams of opening her own management agency. For now, she is dedicating to nurturing South Africa’s athletes as SASCOC’s General Team Manager. She also tells Celine Abrahams about her career lessons and shares her views on the future of women’s sport.

Asnath Sebati Impacts Lives of Future Tennis Stars

Junior tennis coach, and women empowerment champion, Asnath Sebati, is using her experience to help develop more players for the future. She also tells to Celine Abrahams about the challenges of being a black woman in sport and shares her greatest ambitions.

Josephine Ojinene Dreams to Represent Nigeria

Today’s #FollowFriday feature showcases BraveheartFC team captain, Josephine Ojineme, who has a dream to play for Nigeria one day. In this interview with Celine Abrahams, she also chats about the lack of funding for women footballers and lessons she has learnt along the way.

Sipokazi Sokanyile’s Rise to International Media Star

Cricket South Africa Media Manager, Sipokazi Sokanyile, is playing a significant role in the media game, which has seen her journey from intern to international media star. She chats to Celine Abrahams about her love for cricket and her passion to see women in sport thriving.

Daniella Rhodes Becoming a Star in Her Own Right

It seems that athleticism runs in the genes of the Rhodes household as legendary South African cricketer, Jonty Rhodes' daughter, Daniella, is a shining star on the hockey field in the United States. Photo: Supplied

Daniella Rhodes is a chip off the old block. The daughter of legendary South African cricketer, Jonty Rhodes, is successfully making her mark on the hockey field in the United States for Liberty University. She chats to Celine Abrahams about her hockey journey and her passion for fashion merchandising.

Passion and Hard Work Drives Lee-Ann Mpofu

2019 Momentum gsport Awards Woman in Social Media winner, Lee-Ann Mpofu, wants to make her presence felt internationally. She chats to Celine Abrahams about how winning the gsport Award has encouraged her to take her career to the next level.