Tennis Rise

Tennis Rise

Tennis is rising in the disadvantaged areas, all thanks to Mpho Makhoba, Lady you are the best, you gave and still giving our kids an opportunity to shine and reach their goals.

My child has a bursary because of her, she is real a GOD send!!!!!

Keep on doing the great work that you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are really are your name MPHO (GIFT).

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  1. Frankt 2018-07-30 at 19:52

    Love what she does, a true inspiration a true leader

  2. matlalai321 2018-07-29 at 22:31

    Mpho you ROCK!!!!!!!! keep up the gr8 work you doing out there, wish people know where you come from, you come from humble beginnings with nothing, no money, no sponsors but you never stopped moving mountains, you persevere till you move the world. talking from experience, i started tennis with no hope of making it anywhere as the sport was too expensive for my single mom, but when i met Mpho ,my life changed, she gave me hope, love and now im where i am because of her, i wish she can be celebrated more, let the nation know of this amazing lady, God send, mother of the nation. LOVE you Mpho, keep up doing amazing staff. i wish our SRSA can know and see what she does, let her be recognized as i believe she does deserve it. she works in the background which is why people dont know of her, please help put this lady on the map

  3. Sheilabam 2018-07-29 at 22:18

    greta work that Mpho is doing to our nation, she deserves to be celebrated, most people will want to be paid for what she does but with her its different, she wants nothing but to see smiles on the little once faces. she is a true hero on her own right!!!!!!!!!Halala Mpho i hi MBOKODO!!!!!!!

  4. Newi 2018-07-21 at 20:20

    Tshidodo, you are so correct Mpho is a true inspirational and self driven woman. i still need someone to pinch me and tell me im dreaming, i thought it was a joke that she uses her salary to help others, its true, my child didnt have shoes for a tournament and she went out of her way and bought her a pair a tekkies, 5 pair of socks and 2 dresses, she looks so beautiful and confident, all thanks to Mpho.
    its true you are a GOD send

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