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People often ask me why I
chose to swim. Did I think I would someday go to the Olympics and perhaps win
Gold medals? Did I think I would break world records? And the answer is always

You see, I began to swim
for one reason only, and that is that I recognised I had a God-given talent for
swimming, and felt the incredible responsibility to use and maximise all the
talent that He had given me, so that someday I would know that I did my
absolute best irrespective of achievements.

Simply put, I did not
swim for any outward reasons or motivations, but merely to live out the passion
that burned within me… to find out just how fast I could swim and develop all
my talent to the full.

What is Your Drive?

Why are you embarking on
the direction chosen – Your sport? What drives you? What are your motives? What
drives me is my belief that each of us has been created for a very unique
God-ordained purpose: A divine dream, if you wish.

20070901PennyPassion2.jpgIt is bigger than you can
imagine, greater than your highest ambition and far beyond anything you can
desire. It sounds impossible, but if you believe and do not doubt, if you
commit and never quit… anything is possible.

What I am saying is this:
If you have been born for a reason, a purpose; then you have equally been
equipped to fulfil that task… whatever it may be.

But it goes deeper: Even
if you have a purpose, the tools required for the job in personal gifts and talents,
and even the greatest opportunities, all of this may not be enough. You need
something more:  You need the fuel of

The Fuel of Success

So what is this fuel?
What is this power that drives the great among us to success? Is it ambition?
Is it desire for fame or money? Or is it something far greater and more
powerful, and if so, what?

I wish to pose to you
that it is passion. The very fuel that fires up your belly when you ponder your
highest dreams. No great achievement has ever been attained in the absence of
this fuel. No noteworthy difference ever made, if not birthed in the womb of

Passion is the source,
the reason, the essence of what drives success, wholly exempt from mere
ambition and totally integrated with your purpose. You cannot and will not
truly be able to feel passionate about something that is not connected to your

Passion is first
identified as a feeling though it is much deeper. True passion is born within,
and cannot be generated from without. If however your motives are driven by
outward desires, then the perceived passion within will eventually fade.


Real True Honest Pure Love

Real true honest passion
is pure and wholesome, it is married to love, and as such has the power to
overcome any and all obstacles.

As a young aspiring or
even perhaps older accomplished athlete, you cannot reach your full potential
in the absence of passion. You must first love the thing you are doing, not for
what it can do for you, but for what it brings out in you… a sense of being alive
and fulfilled.

People who are passionate
about something are often described as obsessed. Perhaps this is true, but
depending on your purpose, you may need to be wholly dedicated – even obsessed
– if you are to achieve the dream.

Only passion can drive a
person to single-minded focus and commitment, which happen to be the very
ingredients for greatness. Your passions are a clue to your purpose.

Take Time, Be Honest with Yourself

Take time to be honest
and identify what drives you. If your source of motivation lies outside of you,
you may have a problem.


Unless you really feel
passionately driven from within purely by a love for your sport and a desire to
develop your full unique potential, you cannot succeed at the highest level.

Passion will ensure you
never give up. Passion is what will cause you to stay behind, to continue
practising long after the team has gone home. Passion will pick you up when you
fail to reach your goal.

Passion will keep you
awake at night as you rehearse your moves and techniques, and will keep you
standing even when there is no longer anyone to impress, when there are no more
medals to be won, and no more money to be earned.

Passion will cause you to
leave the ones you love in pursuit of a bigger hope, and it is passion that
will be your strength when those sacrifices need to be made.

Were it not for passion,
we would never know and achieve the impossible. Passion is a fire that cannot
be quenched…. Are you passionate about the thing you do?

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