Women have many challenges in life, like Gender-based violence, discrimination, gender equality, and racism. Recognition gives women value and self-confidence.

It is very rare that women are given the recognition they deserve. That is why recognition is so important. Recognition gives motivation, encouragement and it confirms that women are worthy and they matter. People only show respect and admiration when women are recognized for their achievement.

Recognition inspires and encourages women to push forward and work even harder, as we don’t get paid for playing the sport we love.

When Gsport recognized me in 2007 that was the best year of my life. That recognition motivated me to tell my story, to work even harder, and started street Netball. Women don’t get sponsorship in most cases we always volunteer. Recognition is a thank you to those women who do it for the love of the game. Recognition is what Gsport is doing every year since 2006 to celebrate all the Sheroes in sport and beyond. Woman sports matter, we are worthy and we are enough.

Stay safe and stay in the light,