Tlamelo Kganakga Blogs About Her #GAL2021 Experience

by | Dec 3, 2021

If anyone told me that one day I’ll be considered as a top writer, I would have laughed at their faces until recently. I mean joining the gsport family in September 2021 literally had me in tears and I remember it like it was yesterday. And now gsport has given me an unforgettable experience and the opportunity that has now assured me of what I’m capable of and what I can be. 

So you are reading the experience of a gsport November top writer and when I realized I’ll be attending the #GAL2021 Newsmakers event I was excited (that’s an understatement). 

I got to Red Radisson Hotel in Rosebank on 30 November 2021 and I must say, it is an instagrammable venue. From the staff to the food and service, it was top notch and those who know me very well will tell you I’m a drinker of cappuccino and I don’t hold back. Also you haven’t been to Red Radisson if you didn’t take a picture at the Angel Wings.

My plan was to take it all in and appreciate the experience that gsport has afforded me and I must thank Kass and GG together with everyone behind the scenes who made sure that I arrive safely and comfortable. I felt very special and well taken care of.

1 December 2021, the big day in women’s sport arrived and best believe that you will feel the FOMO when you look from the outside how amazing it is to be in a room full of women who are inspired by other women.

I got to attend the prestigious event that celebrates women who strive to be the best and in order to grow, you should spend time with women who have the same goal as you. I was super excited to finally meet the women who I’ve read about and also reported (on radio) about.

I’m probably supposed to have a highlight of meeting a particular newsmaker but I was pretty psyched with meeting everyone for the first time. From Dané Van Niekerk who inspires a lot of women and give hope to them. The Roc Nation Ambassador, Bongi Msomi, what a superstar! She is a mover and shaker and I’m honoured to have met her. 

The gsport event was a must attend occasion with Tumi Kgasoe as the MC… She’s a natural and couldn’t get over how effortless she was.

Everything was a first time experience and the one in particular that threw me off was having make up on, professionally done, and I couldn’t believe the person I saw in the mirror, in a dress.

What I have taken from the experience is that prayer and hard work will work in your favour. 

My #GAL2021 Newsmakers event experience is one for the books, and when I remember that Kass did a #FollowFriday article on me over a year ago, to look out for my name, now here we are. Closing the visibility gap, it is what I do.

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