Winners Laud Artistry of Austin Malema

In the midst of the luminous evening that was the 2023 Momentum gsport Awards, a moment of pure magic unfolded—a collaboration of artistry and excellence that transformed a photo shoot into a captivating work of art. At the heart of it all was Austin Malema, a maestro behind the lens, and our extraordinary winners.

Kgothatso Montjane – Brand SA Para Sport Star: Resilience Personified

In Kgothatso Montjane’s portrait, we witness more than an image; we witness a testament to the power of resilience. Austin’s artistry captured Kgothatso’s unwavering spirit, her eyes reflecting the strength that defines her journey as the Brand SA Para Sport Star.

Leila Steyn-Daku – Global Woman in Sport: Visionary Elegance

Leila Steyn-Daku’s portrait is a testament to the synergy between creativity and excellence. Austin’s lens painted not just her image, but the dreams and aspirations that drive her as the Global Woman in Sport. Every line and shadow spoke of elegance, embodying the vision she brings to the world of sports.

Natasha Petersen – Telkom Woman of the Year: Graceful Influence

Natasha Petersen’s portrait exudes grace and influence, each line and curve a testament to her impact as the Telkom Woman of the Year. Austin’s artistry captured not just her external beauty, but the inner strength that defines her leadership.

Vusiwe Ngcobo – SuperSport Woman in TV: Storytelling Magic

Vusiwe Ngcobo’s portrait is a tale waiting to be told. In the realm of Austin’s studio, her essence comes to life. Every shadow and highlight speaks of a storyteller, a woman whose narratives transcend screens. It’s not just a portrait; it’s the embodiment of SuperSport Woman in TV.

These portraits go beyond photographs; they are windows into the souls of remarkable women. Each frame captures a moment, a legacy, and a testament to the power of creativity and excellence.

Austin Malema’s artistry, combined with the essence of our winners, created a collection of portraits that will stand as a testament to triumph for years to come.

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