Woman-Powered Vision View Sports Radio Ruling the Airwaves

by | Aug 16, 2018

    Digital Radio has been a school of hard knocks for many early entrants, but at Vision View Sports Radio ‘Experience is the best teacher’ for this 100% black-owned sports media company, already well-established in the industry, and yet still in the early stage of its upwards trajectory.

    Barely a year on the airwaves, this online radio station stakes claims as the number one and only online sport radio station in Africa. 

    It is making a buzz across social media, and much of the company’s success can be ascribed to a remarkable coming together of powerful women, in front of and behind the mike.

    Looking at the diverse arsenal of leading talent that this emerging streaming radio brand boasts, including Biskuit, Clauiee, Dr Cete, Grace, Lerato, Miss Vee, Motshidisi, Sthe and Thato, it’s difficult to imagine listeners getting anything other than what they’re looking for with. 

    Despite challenges facing the digital media space such as the high cost of data in the country, Vision View Sports Radio has proven even to the traditional media platforms that it is a force to be reckoned with.

    Lead by a progressive-minded strategy, the radio station already provides ample coverage of SA women in sport, and is challenging the status quo of male-domination of sports news in the country.

    gsport caught up with long-time radio allrounder Mandla Malukele for a quick chat about the current state of radio in SA, and how their station thinks about its future:


    When did Vision View Sports Radio launch, and how has it been received?

    We launched on the 28th of January 2018, we can be modest and say we’ve been well received, but truth be told – there has been an overwhelming response. We saw the station steadily growing and well revered by stakeholders within the sporting fraternity.

    How much has the success of Vision View Productions given you confidence to enter into online sports radio?

    The success of Vision View Production has helped, as the saying goes: Experience is the best teacher.  The experience gained gave direction and help in diversifying the business model, including going into untested territories

    What is the vision for the station?

    Right now, we are the number one and only online sport radio station in Africa, with that thought in mind we want to change the landscape of sports broadcasting in Africa. We also want to change the way sports is consumed by exploring all other aspects of sports from entertainment, lifestyle including business.

    What have you learnt about the appetite for online sports radio?

    The development rate of technology has seen a growth in a tech savvy generation. Because this generation is information driven, paired with their “on-the-go” attitude this has helped the online radio space. For Vision View Sports Radio, the appetite is greater because of how topical issues are in sports.

    You focus a lot on women’s sport. Is it a conscious effort to play your role in women empowerment?

    The belief for us as a station was to give an equal playing field for everyone. Whilst efforts are to empower women it is only appropriate that we give a platform for women to tell their story from their perspective, including empowering their male counterparts to learn more.

    In terms of gender representation, how have you managed to get it right from a staff perspective?

    Gender cohesion is always a thorny issue in Africa but for Vision View Sports Radio, we gave opportunity to very competent individuals before their gender.

    How did you source your on-air talent and are you in the market to take on more new voices?

    There is a conscious effort to give opportunity to those who have been shut out by the industry. Vision View Sports Radio gave opportunity to young up and coming broadcasters to learn from the seasoned broadcasters that are on the station. We have been privileged to have selfless broadcaster who are willing to part with information and teach others.

    What is your greatest ambition in terms of Vision View Sports Radio and where you want to ultimately go?

    We want to be the authority and the “go-to” platform for African sports information and edutainment.


    How can someone get in touch with you?
    Email; [email protected]
    Twitter: @vvsportsradio
    Instagram: @visionviewsortsradio
    Facebook: Visionviewsportsradio
    … and simply download our app on Google play and APP store or LISTEN LIVE ON: www.visionviewsportsradio.co.za


    Photo 1 caption: A picture collection of powerful women in radio at 100% black-owned Vision View Sports Radio. Barely a year in business and SA streaming radio provider Vision View Sports Radio is well into the early stage of an inspirational upwards trajectory of giving its listeners just what they’re looking for. Photos: Supplied


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