Young SA Women Revolutionising Artistic Gymnastics Globally

by | Jul 20, 2021

Gymnastics South Africa recently published Discover Gymnastics’ episode on how young women across the globe are revolutionising Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

This episode focused precisely on female gymnasts and how it provides girls with all their fundamental movements by challenging them across four different apparatus namely; vault, balancing, uneven bars and floor exercise because at events, gymnasts are judged on difficulty, execution and artistry.

Artistic Gymnastics was introduced at the first Olympic Games in 1896, however women only began participating in 1954 when the Olympic Games officially introduced events and apparatus which then allowed both men and women to compete separately.

(Click on the link to read about Daries and Rooskranz qualifying for Tokyo, or scoll down to continue reading this piece)

Naveen Daries and Caitlin Rooskrantz Make SA Gymnastics History


“Bolt shows more of your power, strength and aggression, where floor and beam shows more of your dance, flexibility and your artistry, so for someone who isn’t strong in artistry and flexibility but is a powerful gymnast you still have the opportunity to be a very strong gymnast and do things like bar and beam and floor tumbling,” said South Africa’s Caitlin Rooskrantz.

“Someone in the opposite who’s better at dance and artistry can benefit more on beam and floors. I think it’s the fact that it’s very inclusive in a sense that it incorporates different skills,” she added.

15-year-old Tuks gymnasts, Phiwe Nhleko who earned her first international medal at the Olympic Hopes Cup in Czech Republic, shared how gymnastics plays a huge role in one’s health.

“Gymnastics has quite a lot of health benefits, most obvious one’s being with strength, flexibility and endurance but one of the lessons one wants will be coordination and balance as well as not just physical strength but also mental strength,” she concluded.

South Africa will have two artistic gymnasts competing at this year’s Olympics after Naveen Daries joined Rookrantz to qualify for the Games.


Photo 1 Caption: South African gymnast, Caitlin Rookskrantz, will represent the country at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Photo: Caitlin Rooskrantz (Instagram)


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