It was an eventful day on Saturday, 30 November 2019, at the Waverly Tennis Club, where all kids from as young as three-years old were honoured with medals and certificates for their outstanding performances during the year.

Waverly is a tennis sports club under the leadership of Mr Thabo Serote and his lovely partner, Nkensani Rikhotso. It is a year-long program, where more than 300 kids in total, of different ages ranging from three to sixteen, engage in tennis activities after school and weekends.

Serote and Rikhotso co-founded the tennis club with a very clear goal; to create tennis spaces and experiences that allow communities to learn, play and collaborate.

They believe that tennis can be so much more than just a sport. They are passionate about providing quality tennis lessons within a comfortable and welcoming environment where you can learn a new skill, improve your fitness and build new friendships.

Serote and Rikhotso Have Also Co-Founded the Motion and Colour Foundation 

Mr Serote has been playing tennis for 17 years, while coaching for nine years. Rikhotso on the other hand, is a lover of tennis and with her passion and skills and over eight years of experience in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development and UX/UI, has been able to help build Waverly to become one of the most identifiable tennis clubs in Johannesburg over the years.

Together they have also co-founded a Non-Profit Organisation – Motion and Colour Foundation that teaches tennis to over 2000 kids from in and around Alexandra Township.

On Saturday as the awards ceremony were held, the kids engaged in activities with their parents and later in the day, the awards ceremony took place. It is amazing when children do what they love and put in the efforts to make it through the year. They are certainly South Africa’s future stars.



Photo 1 Caption: Waverly Tennis Club staff and players pictured at their year-end awards ceremony on Saturday, 30 November 2019. Photo: Venice Ditshego


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