2000FM takes gsport Awards to the Airwaves

by | Nov 24, 2013

National Facility Radio Station 2000FM stood by its pay-off line, “Covering All the Action Live as it Happens”, when it grasped the opportunity to support the 2013 SPAR gsport Awards by affording the only awards event aimed at promoting SA women in Sport national radio coverage, from the Wanderers Club in Illovo, on Wednesday 20 November, 2013.

2000FM’s coverage included a live food tasting and interviews with nominees and guests as the venue buzzed in anticipation of the announcement of the 2013 SPAR gsport Awards.

Currently the fastest-growing radio station within the SABC and its competitors, 2000FM maintains an active focus on the primary female target market, and forms part of the SABC that carries the responsibility of being able to help South Africa through its stages of transformation.

“The station’s objective is to maintain and sustain such expectations by delivering current and fresh content,” says 2000FM Station Manager Carlito Sheik, “Which also helps to promote the off-air marketing element.”

The station does this by taking topics that are relevant and pertinent to every South African, and create programming content that will not only educate and inform our listeners, but ensure that it is done in an entertaining manner.

“2000FM considers the SPAR gsport Awards as a main brand driver to carry out the message on the fastest growing radio platform,” continues Sheik. “Radio is the only source of information distribution, because of its instant reach.

“2000FM is one radio station that relates to the South African public, and gives them a platform to express and empower themselves.”


2000FM Across the nation:
On the airwaves: 97.2 – 100FM nation-wide
Website: http://www.radio2000.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Radio-2000/191385327625509
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2000FMSA


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