2006 October Woman in Media: Keletso Totlhanyo

She is the only woman in South Africa that directs live soccer on TV, and just recently she branched into cricket TV production, providing one of her toughest career challenges to date.

But for Keletso Totlhanyo, who started off in sports broadcasting 16 years ago, nothing fazes her easily.

This award-winning producer/director has set her sights on 2010, and hopes to play an integral role in the broadcasting of World Cup games.

Aside from being an outstanding sports broadcaster, Keletso is also a devoted mother, who constantly strives for balance.

Her tenacity and determination is infectious, and gsport is honoured to pay tribute to Keletso Totlhanyo – our Woman in Media for October.

How/When did you get into sports broadcasting?

After matriculating in 1987, I started as Production Assistant for SABC Sport in 1990, working mainly in the studios and Outside Broadcast.

I worked my way up and became a producer/director in 1996.

What is your role in the broadcasting of a game?

I direct cameras, sound, technical, commentators, and everyone involved in the production.

What are your current projects?

Directing live soccer and preparing for the upcoming cricket season, in which the India and Pakistan tours are scheduled from November until next February.

Are there many women doing what you are doing?

No, presently I think I am the only woman directing live soccer.

What were the challenges in making the crossover from producing soccer to producing cricket?

It is really challenging, firstly the understanding of the game, the duration of the game, camera positioning, cricket has many rules, lots of stats the differ a lot from what I’m accustomed to.

In the case of soccer, the bulk of presentation in done in the studio, but with cricket, we present on site, with all the preparation done by the producer together with the presenter.

In cricket, I really have to take charge from the beginning of the game until the last ball.

gsport’s theme this month is SUPPORT. Who supports you in your career?

My daughter Kutlwano, and my parents.

What are some of the highlights of your career?

Olympic Games in 1996 in Atlanta, and in 2000 in Sydney, the 1998 Soccer World Cup in France, and above all, working on cricket this past season.


Have you won any awards?

Oh yes, in 2003 I won the South African Breweries’ Merit Award for “Best Production’, and I’ve also won the Coca Cola ‘Flair Producer’ award in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Will South Africa be ready to host the FIFA World Cup?

Even though we are faced with the challenge of proving that Africa is capable of it to those who do not believe, South Africa will be ready to host the World Cup.

What are you hoping to be doing in 2010?

I hope I will be able to direct at least three games.

What would be your ideal job, if you had to make a change?

I think I would be good in marketing.

Who are your favourite sports stars?

Samuel Eto’o, Thierry Henry, Michael Schumacher, Andre Agassi, Roland Schoeman, Ryk Neethling, Siyabonga Nkosi, Natalie du Toit – the list is endless.

Favourite stadium?

FNB Stadium

Favourite motto?

There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs…

What inspires you?

New challenges.

Advice for aspiring women sports producers/directors?

It is not easy, but us girls should never give up!

Remember, this is the so-called men’s’ world, so, whatever you do, you will have to work harder, always be ahead, better informed, and well prepared.

Finally: Learn to think out of the box!


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