Awande Malinga: “I Feel Absolutely Amazing That I’ve Won the Last Title of My Junior Career”

Awande Malinga, a rising star in the world of squash has etched her name in the annals of South African squash history as she, along with her exceptional team, clinched the coveted 2023 SA Nationals Top Schools Squash Championship.

The 2020 Momentum gsport Awards Public Choice winner’s path to championship glory was marked by challenges. This victory marks a significant milestone, as it is the first time both she and her teammates have emerged victorious in the SA Top Schools Nationals.

“I feel absolutely amazing that I’ve won the last title of my schooling career, with my school, the last title that I haven’t won and now I can officially say that I am the 2023 SA nationals top schools champion along with my school now! 

“That is just one of the greatest feelings because I waited for this moment, for this title for the past five years and to win it in my last year especially in 2019 when I started grade 8 and I went to the SA nationals top schools we came last as a school, now imagine the feeling that I have now playing in my last year and to win it with my school for the last time ever that I can actually do that is an amazing feeling not only for me but along with my team as well,” she added.

“I’m just so blessed that I had the opportunity to do that this year and everything came together so well and that I was able to win the title officially for my team.”

Continuing her reign on the squash courts, Malinga secured an impressive eighth consecutive NJSA Closed Championship title earlier this year. Her consistent dominance underscores her exceptional skill and unwavering dedication to the sport, further solidifying her position as a force to be reckoned with in the squash world.

Participating in the competition for the final time, the grade 12 learner bids farewell to high school this year. Her departure marks the end of an era and the beginning of an exciting new chapter, where her remarkable accomplishments in squash are sure to continue to flourish on even grander stages.

With the 2023 SA Nationals Top Schools Squash Championship title now proudly under her belt, Malinga’s journey continues. As she sets her sights on new horizons and future challenges, her remarkable achievements stand as a testament to her talent, determination, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in her promising squash career.

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