Award-Winning Journalist Becomes a Leader in Women’s Sport

Award-winning Sports Journalist, Busisiwe Mokwena, has broken barriers not only in South Africa, but also on the global sports scene as she strives to take women’s football forward.

Mokwena has come a long way in her career but to this day pinches herself to make sure that it is all a reality as she explains to gsport Editor, Kass Naidoo.

“There are days when I just look back and think, “Oh, wow!” 10 years of reporting women’s football and I’m here. Sometimes I think maybe I got here too fast, you know, too quickly, but sometimes I feel I’m not where I should be, so it’s a 50-50 thing,” said Mokwena at The Zone in Rosebank.

As a previous gsport Award winner, Mokwena has grown into a confident, strong-willed woman who boldly celebrates the success that she has attained over the years.

“I’ve learnt to become vocal, especially in women’s sport matters because no one else takes it in their hands to do that.

“I think maybe one of the reasons or one of the things rather that have changed is that I realised that I’ve built a lot. I’ve put in a lot of work in what I do, in my reporting, the stories that I tell and when someone says you deserve a pat on the back and then I’m actually like, “Ja, you are right.”

In 2019, Mokwena was appointed by FIFA to cover the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France and explains how the opportunity arose.

“FIFA called Lux September (PSL Communications Manager) and they told him that they were looking for someone from South Africa to work for them during the FIFA Women’s World Cup and he asked around.

“Everyone that he asked said Busisiwe Mokwena (laughs).”

Having gained ample experience being on the world stage, Mokwena is eager to do more for South African women’s sport.

“I want to tell the story, be in the forefront in telling those stories. I don’t want to shy away anymore it doesn’t serve anyone any good. It doesn’t serve me any good, it doesn’t serve the sports women whose stories that I tell.”

Mokwena continued as she speaks about how far women in sport have come in recent years. Check out the full interview in the slider above!



Photo 1 Caption: Award-winning Sports Journalist, Busisiwe Mokwena, has been leading the way in women’s football and plans on taking South African stories across the board. Photo: gsport

Photo 2 Caption: gsport Editor, Kass Naidoo, interviews Mokwena at The Zone in Rosebank on Thursday, 9 January 2020. Photo: gsport

Photo 3 Caption: Following noteworthy international assignments, Naidoo wishes Mokwena all the best in ‘going global’, a development the journalist admitted relishing. Photo: gsport


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