Beavitt Crowned Inaugural Push and Pull Paddle Champion

Bianca Beavitt claimed the inaugural Bamboo Warehouse Push And Pull Paddle canoe marathon title on the Berg River in emphatic style on Sunday, 11 August, 2019.

Despite a scare when she capsized in Klei Rapid on the queens stage on Saturday, she had done enough to take a lead of more than ten minutes into the last day over Nikki Birkett, but the day started badly for the seasoned Berg paddler.

“I slipped badly coming down to the river at the start and fell on my arm,” said the Century City paddler. “It was hurting a lot so I decided to pace myself carefully on the day, and not make any mistakes,” she added.

Nikki Birkett posted the fastest women’s time on the final stage, but it was never going to threaten Beavitt’s comfortable overall lead. Kim van Gysen finished third in the women’s race.

The race was unique for a Berg River canoeing event as it included six Stand Up Paddleboarders, as well as a solitary brave K3, in line with the ground-breaking new race’s philosophy of challenging canoeing conventions.

The big field of paddlers that took part thrived on the fully catered meals and a tented athletes village, evening live entertainment and special attention paid to families and seconders on the Women’s Day long weekend.


Leading Results at the Bamboo Warehouse Push and Pull Paddle Day Three:
1. Bianca Beavitt 1:00:00.91, 4:27:39.34
2. Nikki Birkett 0:59:15.33, 4:37:59.50
3. Kim van Gysen 1:03:11.36, 4:45:38.67
4. Christie Mackenzie 1:01:41.23, 4:46:47.52
5. Candice Murray 1:02:13.62, 4:49:54.85

K2 (Mixed genders):
1. Graeme Solomon, Andre Collins 0:57:17.36, 4:19:43.84
2. Jason Goedhals, Fanta Gouws 0:59:50.42, 4:26:28.10
3. Kelvin Trautman, Sabrina Chesterman 0:59:48.37, 4:30:14.69
4. Chris de Waal, Dominique Desmeules 0:59:25.32, 4:32:37.57

K3 (Mixed gender):
68 Emanuel Zaloumis, Kate Bussin, Colin Whitfield 1:15:56.31 5:12:59.07

SUP (Mixed genders):
1. Rory Smyth 1:57:20.22 8:39:57.76
2. Jolene Harris 1:57:17.44 8:40:00.23
3. Guy Bubb 1:57:18.72 8:40:14.33
4. Elleni Smyth 1:57:26.07 8:40:22.60


Photo 1 Caption: Despite a heavy fall before the start of the final day of the inaugural Bamboo Warehouse Push and Pull Paddle, Bianca Beavitt won the title on Sunday, 11 August, 2019. Photo: John Hishin / Gameplan Media


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