Well wishes have been pouring in as gsport celebrates 15 years of amplifying women’s sport coverage on Sunday, 1 August 2021.

The initiative was launched in August 2006 to raise the profile of women in sport and showcase vibrant South African women who serve as role models. To date, the gsport brand has broken barriers to reach into Africa and the rest of the world.

Speaking on this milestone achievement, gsport Founder, Kass Naidoo Tweeted: “Happy Birthday, gsport! What a journey!! What a community!! What support!! Today is a day for us all to celebrate how far we have come.”


Former women’s hockey team captain and Ministerial Recognition recipient on the gsport stage, Marsha Cox, reminisces about her memories of the initiative.

“I remember in 2003, Kass, you spoke to our SA women’s hockey team in Pretoria. You shared your passion for cricket and the challenges you overcame as you pursued your dreams. A trail blazer, breaking boundaries, and putting women on the map in a male dominated world in style! I remember being extremely inspired by you.

“A few years later, you launched gsport and again broke boundaries. Following your dreams, you not only inspire other women to do the same, but you also have made it possible through the endless work you do for women in sport. Through gsport, not only are we inspired to go for it on and off the field and stay true to ourselves while doing it; but gsport inspires us to be brave and build each other up! By being each other’s cheerleaders, and support, we are encouraged and challenged to keep raising the bar.

“gsport is more than just a place where we can celebrate women in sport, gsport is a place where we can learn, where we can find hope in our toughest times, where we can be challenged, and where we can be inspired and encouraged to do what we love.

“Thank you for inspiring me back then, and still today!”

History maker and celebrated explorer, Saray Khumalo, says: “I am super excited to be part of this community to continue supporting gsport. Thank you for the work that you are doing, and I pray that you continue growing from strength to strength!”

Banyana Banyana head coach, Desiree Ellis, who has a long-standing relationship with the initiative, revealed her gratitude: “Thank you for the recognition and exposure that you give to women in sport. We really appreciate everything you do. Happy Birthday, gsport!”

The gsport community also shared in on the celebrations on Social Media: