England Government Announces Measures to Grant Girls Equal Access to School Sport

This week as we celebrate and shine a light on girls and women in sport on, Prime Minister of England Rishi Sunak has announced that girls will be granted full access to all school sport.

What this means is that schools in England are expected to deliver a minimum of two house each of Physical Education each week. Included in that girls and boys should be able to play the same sports in lessons and extra-curricular clubs.

“This means every child can benefit from regular exercise and we are proud to provide them with the support needed to do so,” said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

This move follows a campaign launched by England’s Lionesses squad in the wake of their European Championship triumph last summer, in which they urged the government to pass measures to ensure that all girls get the chance to play football at school.

Sunak added: “Last year the Lionesses’ victory changed the game. Young girls know when they take to the pitch that football is for them and, thanks to the Lionesses, they too could be a part of the next generation to bring it home for their country.

The government said the measures would be backed by over £600m in funding over the next two academic years, specifically designed to help improve the quality of PE and sports in primary schools.

England women’s captain Leah Williamson said: “The success of the summer has inspired so many young girls to pursue their passion for football.

“We see it as our responsibility to open the doors for them to do so and this announcement makes that possible. This is the legacy that we want to live much longer than us as a team.”

The announcement comes just over six months after the government was accused of jeopardising the Lionesses’ legacy by overseeing the continued sell-off of school playing fields.

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