gsport Receives Impressive January Vacation Work Proposals

by | Dec 27, 2019

On the 14th of December 2019, gsport put out a call for more South African female students from across the country to submit applications for the month of January as the door for vacation work has been offered and so far, the team has received impressive proposals.

Looking back on the month of December, gsport has been fortunate to work with four incredible Vacation Reporters who have shown their eagerness to elevate women’s sport and after opening the doors to students for the first time for 2019, gsport has offered another opportunity for more students to be part of the January Vacation Reporters team to start the new year.

Over the past week, applications have been streaming in as students have jumped at the opportunity of joining a growing community aimed at providing a platform for women from various backgrounds to prove their worth.

In the coming week, gsport will be narrowing down the list to choose three female students who will be required to write proudly South African women’s sport content for the website, as well as video editors and photographers, who will be required to plan their own content and provide sound ideas that aims to highlight both top and the unknown athletes and share their stories.

During this transition, three of the current students who have been part of the December Vacation Reporters team will be making way after gathering valuable experience. gsport would like to extend gratitude to every student who has shown their keen interest in joining the team and would like to encourage you to keep engaging with us by making use of our FREE blogging option HERE!



Photo 1 Caption: gsport December Vacation Reporter, Zintle Tunce, represented the team at the 2019 HSBC Cape Town Sevens tournament in December 2019 in Cape Town. Photo: Zintle Tunce

Photo 2 Caption: gsport December Vacation Reporter, Venice Ditshego, represented the team at the 2019 USSA Women’s Football Championship. Photo: Venice Ditshego


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