We are excited about a big community announcement in the coming week, focussing on how gsport members can benefit from all work opportunities during the 2020 Momentum gsport Awards campaign.

Just touching on the immediate benefits, we want to help you boost your online profile on gsport.co.za, where top members on the site stand an increased chance of being a part of the #gsport15 inner circle.

Over the past few months, we have encouraged you to launch a free membership on gsport and join this growing community. Thank you for heeding the call and making use of the free tools to build your personal brand.

It is important to gsport that you have an exceptional user experience and, with the help of the South African Media Innovation Program (SAMIP), we have transitioned to a new-look website with a focus on strengthening the gsport community.

Since 2006, we have been telling your story, and with the free membership, you have been given the power to tell your own story, post a free advert and update the women’s sport calendar.


Follow these easy steps to register a free membership:

Open https://gsport.co.za/register/


(1) Click on the Facebook icon to automatically create a member account; or

(2) Fill in your details to register by email.

(3) That’s it – You’re in! Welcome 🙂


Boost Your Member Profile:

We are introducing a new look to membership profiles, and have added improved communication tools, to allow you make new friends and to message other members.

You will also be rewarded for contributing content to the site: If you are an active contributor to the gsport newsroom, the articles that you write will feature on your profile’s feed – making it super-simple to focus our attention on your favourite corner in women’s sport.

And every on-site action, whether registering an account, friending a friend, uploading a profile pic or just logging in every day – these activities will earn you points, which will see your name move up the membership leaderboard.

More importantly, a strong membership profile will enhance your ability to support your favourite #gsport15 finalist, once the 2020 Momentum gsport Awards voting opens!

A special word of thanks to gsport’s existing members who have been on this journey with us down the years, strengthening our common goal to champion women in sport here and around the globe.

Please remember to encourage your sporting family or friends to register and become part of a thriving community of women’s sport.

As always, we like hearing your thoughts on our new website and the updated features.

Remember to chat to us about your ideas and we could possibly feature your suggestions on our platforms!

You can also follow us on our social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@gsport4girls).



Photo 1 Caption: At gsport it is with utmost importance that we offer our members exceptional user experience and it is for this reason that we have launched a redesigned website with the focus on building our membership community. Photo: gsport Website screenshot