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#gsport16 Woman in Social Media winner and #GAL2021 Social Media host, Lesego Pooe, is making great strides in her career as she aims to become a household name in cricket broadcasting. Photo: gsport

#gsport16 Woman in Social Media winner and #GAL2021 Social Media host, Lesego Pooe, is making great strides in her career as she aims to become a household name in cricket broadcasting.

Pooe is currently shattering barriers in the broadcasting space recently becoming host of Lions Cricket TV on SuperSport.

Her role as part of the 2020 Momentum gsport Awards Presenter Squad, significantly assisted Pooe on her way to gaining added experience in front of the camera. 

Leading Women in Sport to Host #gsport15 Awards Show

A year later, Pooe received recognition, winning the Woman in Social Media award, saying that the Momentum gsport Awards platform has continuously made her feel important and recognised for her hard work.

As she gains momentum in her career, Pooe is hoping to use every possible platform to showcase her talent and inspire the next generation.

Speaking with Nonto Nothana, Pooe shares her thoughts on the importance of recognition platforms and shares advice to young girls who want to be in broadcasting.


Lesego, how does it feel to have won the 2021 Woman in Social Media award at #gsport16?

It sometimes feels unreal but I’ve literally placed my Award next to my beside table close to my bookshelf, I’ve strategically placed it there so I’m daily reminded of this huge achievement and that hard work and a little bit of prayer eventually pays off.


How was the experience for you at this year’s awards?

One word: Magical. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. I felt like I belonged, that I mattered and there was some level of significance to my role in the industry.

I’ve been privileged enough to attend last year’s awards and this year’s. One as a co-host and the other as an award winner. Both experiences were incredible. Truly an honour and privilege to attend.


As a woman in TV, what are your thoughts on the awards being televised on SuperSport?

It’s always a great idea for such awards like the Momentum gsport Awards to be televised, it means more young girls out there can see how normal it is for women to thrive in all sporting codes in offer, and boldly own their success.


Why do you think it is important for platforms such as gsport to play a part to tell women in sport stories?

Women like us who are new in the industry and are still trying to carve a name for ourselves can sometimes be a road where we question ourselves. Are you in the right industry? Are we doing well? Are we doing enough? Are we even good enough but what gsport does, it comes and holds your hand like a big sister would and say, keep at it, we see you kiddo and we are rooting for your success.


Let’s take a few steps back on your journey. When and where did your love for sports begin?

Hahaha, I love reliving how and when I fell in love with the game of cricket. So I was the only girl amongst 3 boys growing up and my brothers would always play backyard cricket with “one bounce hand” golden rule. It was fun, action packed and addictive. How could I not fall in love with the game but outside of that most fondest memory I have growing up was spending a full day watching cricket with my family.


Why cricket and not any other sporting code?

Why not cricket? Cricket is all I know. It’s my first love.


What are some of the positive lessons you have learned from being part of broadcasting?

Always be prepared. Confidence matters and learn to take instructions well. Also, just come as you are. As unique, quirky self. The world will love you as you are.


You are now the host of Lions Cricket TV that plays on SuperSport TV. What did this appointment mean for your career?

I don’t even know where to start to answer this question. Still feels like I’m dreaming. For me this opportunity came as a surprise. When Lions Cricket approached me about being an ambassador for Lions Cricket and that it meant being a host of Lions Cricket TV that will air on SuperSport, the dream felt unreal.

Still need to pinch myself once in a while as I do my shoots holding the SuperSport mic but most importantly having to work for such a big, successful franchise is incredible. The team I get to work with make my life so much easier, Wanele Mngomezulu is a gem of a boss and I’m blessed to be affiliated with him, Jono Leaf Wright and the entire Lions Cricket family.


What are you hoping to still achieve in your career?

So much more. I have not even begun to touch even the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much in store for me. I just need to continue putting in the hours, learning, growing, expanding and the sky is not the limit for me as a cricket broadcaster but only the beginning.


What advice would you give to a young girl who wants to pursue a career in TV broadcasting?

Write the grand vision down and then begin to work daily towards making that vision a reality. 


Photo 1 Caption: #gsport16 Woman in Social Media winner and #GAL2021 Social Media host, Lesego Pooe, is making great strides in her career as she aims to become a household name in cricket broadcasting. Photo: gsport


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