LSU Basketball Star Angel Reese Receives Recognition

Louisiana State University Basketball star Angel Reese had a newly renovated basketball court in her hometown, Randallstown named after her. Reese led LSU to its first national championship. 

Although the 21-year-old goes to a university in a different town, she says, “I go to LSU, but Baltimore, Randallstown, is always home for me.”

The Angel Reese Court was unveiled and has inspired a lot of youngsters in her community, this confirmed by Evers Burns, recreation activity centre coordinator.

“It’s really good to see the excitement of every last face that wanted to meet Angel Reese,” Burns said. “When they walk through this gate and they know they met Angel Reese, and they see her name on that court, now it’s, give it your best.”

“I just want to thank everybody for coming and to give hope to kids in the crowd that one day this can be you,” Reese said.

The young basketball sensation was the star player of LSU’s National Championship team and was named the NCAA Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player.

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