Mangaung Stands Between Gauteng North and 4th Title

Karla Mostert of Mangaung Metro jumps for the ball with Elsunet du Plessis (Dr Kenneth Kaunda, left) in their semifinal match on day 5 of the SPAR National Netball Championships, at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace, on Friday, 9 August, 2013 in Rustenburg. Mangaung easily saw off the plucky Dr Kenneth Kaunda 50-36 to qualify for the final on Saturday, and with it the chance to stop Gauteng North’s seemingly irresistable move to a historic fourth consecutive cup title. Photo: Reg Caldecott/Gallo Images

Gauteng North and Mangaung reached the finals of the SPAR National Championships at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace, after beating Nelson Mandela Bay and Dr Kenneth Kaunda (formerly North West South) respectively on Friday.

(Scroll down to see Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Quarter- and Semi-Final results, and Final fixtures on Saturday, 10 August, 2013)

Gauteng North got off to a fairly slow start, leading by just 15 goals to 10 after the first quarter, but they were never in danger of breaking their unbeaten record at this year’s championships.

Lindie Lombaard (right, Gauteng North) and Zanele Vimbela (Nelson Mandela Bay) compete for the ball in the semifinal match on Friday. Lombaard was a cog in the invincible Gauteng North, unbeaten in their road to the 2012 final. Photo: Reg Caldecott/Gallo ImagesAt halftime, Gauteng North led 27-15. They began to pile on the pressure after that, scoring 14 goals to Nelson Mandela’s eight in the third quarter, and 16 to 11 in the final 15 minutes, to take the match 57-37. Earlier in the day, they convincingly downed Western Province 57-38 in the quarterfinals, with a largely second-string team.

Mangaung also appeared to be in little trouble as they overpowered the youthful Dr Kenneth Kaunda side 50-36. They were 13-7 ahead after the first quarter, but pulled further away in each subsequent quarter, finally winning the match 50-36.

“It was a very physical match, but we were always sure that we could take it,” said captain Adele Niemand. “We nearly always manage to make the finals, and this year, we are determined to win. We’ve reached a number of finals in the 10 years I’ve been playing for Free State, so eventually we have to win.

“Gauteng North are a very strong team, with five SPAR Proteas, but we are also strong, and we have three Proteas in our side. “The winner of the final tomorrow will be the team that makes the least mistakes.”

She was not concerned that Mangaung had lost to Gauteng North (49-30) in their round robin match.

“It’s often an advantage to have played them earlier in the tournament,” she said. “We know what we did wrong then, and we won’t make the same mistakes again.”

Earlier in the day, there was heartbreak for Gauteng Central, who thought they had reached the semi-finals, only to learn on Thursday that a quarter-final round had been introduced. They lost to Nelson Mandela Bay in their quarter-final, but beat Western Province in their next match. They will play Boland in the play-off for fifth place on Saturday.


SPAR National Netball Championships Quarter- and Semi-Final results at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace, Phokeng, in the North West, on Friday, 9 August, 2013:
A Section:
Gauteng North 57-37 Nelson Mandela Bay
Mangaung 50-36 Dr Kenneth Kaunda
5-8th Place Playoffs:
Gauteng Central 44-38 Western Province
Boland 55-52 Frances Baard
Gauteng North 57-38 Western Province
Dr Kenneth Kaunda 59-32 Boland
Mangaung 66-22 Frances Baard
Nelson Mandela Bay 49-31 Gauteng Central
Ekurhuleni 35-33 Royal Bafokeng
Umgungundlovu 54-44 Buffalo City
B Section:
Zululand 60-33 Amathole
Western Province 55-42 West Coast
Gert Sibande 41-38 SWD
Bojanala 55-38 Vhembe
Capricorn 42-34 Central Boland
Gauteng North 34-28 Gauteng West
Boland 59-26 Nelson Mandela Bay
Zululand 65-40 Cacadu
C Section:
Ilembe 64-39 Ehlanzeni
Ethekwini 49-47 SANDF
Waterberg 52-23 Royal Bafokeng B
Gauteng Vaal 34-33 Fezile Dabi
Siyanda 30-28 Chris Hani
NM Molema 47-30 Uthukela
Umzinyathi W/O Sekhukhune
Nkangala 56-33 Ehlanzeni
Western Province 51-31 SANDF
Uthungulu 58-47 Waterberg
Gauteng Vaal 48-31 Alfred Nzo
Sisonke 43-28 Siyanda
NM Molema 61-34 Umzinyathi
Ethekwini 51-44 SANDF
Waterberg 44-36 Royal Bafokeng
Alfred Nzo 47-41 Fezile Dabi
Chris Hani 47-35 Siyanda
Results: Day Four of the SPAR National Netball Championships on Thursday, 8 August, 2013:
A Section:
Mangaung 51-29 Boland
Frances Baard 69-59 Umgungundlovu
Buffalo City 48-42 Royal Bafokeng
Gauteng North 74-26 Nelson Mandela Bay
Dr Kenneth Kaunda 54-36 Gauteng Central
Umgungundlovu 41-39 Western Province
Boland 47-24 Royal Bafokeng
Frances Baard 54-51 Ekurhuleni
B Section:
Nelson Mandela Bay 50-42 Vhembe
Gert Sibande W/O Cacadu
Gauteng North 54-41 Zululand
Gauteng West 61-26 West Coast
Capricorn 32-29 Amathole
SWD 42 Western-41 Province
Boland 53-21 Bojanala
Gert Sibanda 36-31 Nelson Mandela Bay
Gauteng West 52-33 Cacadu
Vhembe 34-34 Capricorn
Gauteng North 49-26 Bojanala
Zululand 56-43 Central Boland
West Coast 41-30 Amathole
Boland 51-22 Western Province
C Section:
SANDF 56-26 Royal Bafokeng
Ilembe 49-40 NM Molema
Ethekwini 50-45 Waterberg
Gauteng Vaal 73-25 Umzinyathi
Nkangala 45-40 Uthungulu
Alfred Nzo 45-29 Sekhukhune
Ilembe 54-33 Siyanda
Royal Bafokeng 42-41 NM Molema
Gauteng Vaal 41-20 Uthukela
Ethekwini 62-31 Umzinyathi
Western Province 49-26 Sisonke
Ehlanzeni 66-27 Chris Hani
Uthungulu 61-22 Sekhukhune
Results: Day Three of the SPAR National Netball Championships on Wednesday, 7 August, 2013:
A Section:
Dr Kenneth Kaunda 60-33 Ekurhuleni
Mangaung 44-33 Nelson Mandela Bay
Gauteng Central 55-28 Frances Baard
Dr Kenneth Kaunda 53-42 Western Province
Umgungundlovu 38-29 Ekurhuleni
Gauteng North 61-19 Boland
Mangaung 76-26 Royal Bafokeng
Nelson Mandela Bay 54-34 Buffalo City
B Section:
Nelson Mandela Bay 60-26 Capricorn
Gert Sibanda 46-23 Amathole
Gauteng West 49-39 Vhembe
West Coast 45-40 Cacadu
Gauteng North 52-23 SWD
Zululand 38-35 Bojanala
Boland 58-20 Central Boland
Gauteng West 53-26 Nelson Mandela Bay
West Coast 48-35 Vhembe
Bojanala 51-34 Central Boland
Zululand 53-31 SWD
Gert Sibanda 47-25 Capricorn
Cacadu 48-38 Amathole
Gauteng North 51-40 Western Province
C Section:
SANDF 55-47 NM Molema
Waterberg 70-14 Umzinyathi
Gauteng Vaal 52-41 Ehlanzeni
Ethekwini 66-23 Uthukela
Western Province C 59-23 Alfred Nzo
Nkangala 84-15 Sekhukhune
NM Molema 57-38 Siyanda
Fezile Dabi 53-36 Royal Bafokeng
Waterberg 43-39 Ehlanzeni
Ethekwini 66-25 Chris Hani
Uthukela 34-21 Umzinyathi
Ngangala 49-36 Western Province
Uthungulu 53-25 Sisonke
Results: Day Two of the SPAR National Netball Championships on Tuesday 6 August, 2013:
A Section:
Gauteng North 49-30 Mangaung
Gauteng Central 44-25 Ekurhuleni
Nelson Mandela Bay 60-29 Royal Bafokeng
Gauteng North 75-16 Buffalo City
Dr Kenneth Kaunda 56-40 Umgungundlovu
Gauteng Central 40-33 Western Province
Buffalo City 54-28 Boland
Frances Baard 47-43 Western Province
B Section:
Vhembe 59-28 Amathole
Western Province 47-39 Bojanala
Boland 36-24 Gauteng North
Nelson Mandela Bay 70-43 Cacadu
West Coast 40-29 Capricorn
Gert Sibande 40-39 Gauteng West
SWD 45-39 Central Boland
Waterberg 38-35 Gauteng Vaal
Chris Hani 48-28 Umzinyathi
Nelson Mandela Bay 58-29 West Coast
Gert Sibanda 29-24 Vhembe
Zululand 44-42 Western Province
Gauteng West 51-20 Amathole
Capricorn 49-37 Cacadu
Boland 49-32 SWD
C Section:
Ilembe 49-41 SANDF
Alfred Nzo 51-39 Sisonke
Fezile Dabi 56-42 NM Molema
Siyanda 31-27 Royal Bafokeng B
Western Province 51-47 Uthungulu
Ehlanzeni 50-23 Uthungela
Waterberg 38-35 Gauteng Vaal
Chris Hani 48-28 Umzinyathi
SANDF 48-41 Siyanda
Ilembe 58-44 Fezile Dabi
Nkangala 60-23 Alfred Nzo
Waterberg 56-19 Uthungela
Sisonke 60-22 Sekhukhune
Ethekwini 52-35 Ehlanzeni
Gauteng Vaal 43-23 Chris Hani
Results: Day 1 Spar National Netball Championships on Monday 5 August, 2013:
A Section:
Mangaung Metro 54-28 Buffalo City
Western Province 54-38 Ekurhuleni
Nelson Mandela Bay 50-40 Boland
Dr Kenneth Kaunda 71-26 Frances Baard
Gauteng North 82-18 Royal Bafokeng
Gauteng Central 47-29 Umgungundlovu
B Section:
Gauteng West 60-22 Capricorn
Gert Sibande 38-33 West Coast
SWD 46-43 Bojanala
Gauteng North 55-35 Central Boland
Nelson Mandela Bay 57-15 Amathole
Vhembe 55-39 Cacadu
Western Province 53-31 Central Boland
Boland 70-25 Zululand
C Section:
SANDF 57-47 Fezile Dabi
Waterberg 62-20 Chris Hani
Nkangala 46-30 Sisonke
Ehlanzeni 62-16 Umzinyathi
Western Province 69-21 Sekhukhune
Ilembe 60-17 Royal Bafokeng B
Ethekwini 35-25 Gauteng Vaal
Fezile Dabi 43-31 Siyanda 31
Chris Hani 30-29 Uthungela
Uthungulu 54-31 Alfred Nzo

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