#PRLeadersCorner: How to Run a Successful Sport PR Business

Owner and Managing Director of Exposure Unlimited, Bronwyn Roets. Photo: Supplied

Owner and Managing Director of Exposure Unlimited, Bronwyn Roets, and seasoned PR and Communications Specialist, Lerato Malekutu share useful tips on a running a successful PR business.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Roets knows what it takes to thrive as a leader as she highlights the importance of surrounding yourself with a skilled team that you can learn from.

“You are not going to know everything as a leader, so surround yourself with an awesome team of people who have skills you don’t have. Then trust them to do their part!” says Roets.

She shares 6 notable lessons she has learnt from running a PR business, and which can prove beneficial for those looking to venture into this space:

1. Adaptability – the only constant in life (and business) is change. The ability to adapt is very important.
2. Passion for what you do is key – if you can’t have fun while doing it, you shouldn’t be doing it.
3. Leadership is servanthood – you have to get stuck in and lead on the ground, so you have a well-rounded perspective on everything and can make decisions right there.
4. Curiosity – stay perpetually curious so you never stop growing and learning. Be interested and constantly aware of current affairs as this helps to engage in possible PR opportunities proactively. It is also so important to stay abreast of new technologies and online trends – its ever changing but you need to stay ‘with-it’.
5. Always give back what you have learnt!

As Communications Manager of Roc Nation Sports Africa, Malekutu believes that leadership is about bravely setting a path that allows many to follow. Malekutu shares her 5 qualities a leader needs to possess:

1. Self-awareness – Have confidence in your knowledge and expertise. However, do not compare yourself to others – everyone is on a different journey. Stay in your lane and focus on your path.
2. Integrity – If you stand for nothing you fall for everything.
3. Passion and focus – That is what keeps you going when the chips are down. Similarly, you need to have a vision – if you are not aligned to your vision the work that you do has no meaning or purpose.
4. Humility – Always be open to learning. Do not be proud – be gracious in apologising if you have made a mistake, don’t pretend to know everything.
5. Work Ethic – The industry is very small, if you don’t have a good work ethic the word will quickly spread.


Photo 1 Caption: Owner and Managing Director of Exposure Unlimited, Bronwyn Roets. Photo: Supplied

Photo 2 Caption: #gsport15 PR Manager and LM Squared Media founder, Lerato Malekutu. Photo: Supplied

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