Province Peak in Final to Win U21 IPT Title

by | May 5, 2013

The victorious 2013 SA Hockey U21 Women’s Interprovincial Tournament champions Western Province with their trophy, after beating North West 2-0 in Durban on Saturday evening. The sides were ties nil-all at half-time, but two second-half goals by the prolific Tarryn Glasby ensured the win for her side. Photo: Supplied

Tarryn Glasby scored twice in twelve minutes to win a captivating 2013 SA U21 Hockey Interprovincial tournament title 2-0 for Western Province, as the hopes and ambitions of the powerful North West – undefeated throughout their six matches leading in to the decider, were dashed in a thrilling final on Friday, 4 May 2013 at Queensmead in Durban.

A power failure caused a delay in the evening matches, but the Western Province defence was undeterred.

Having put up a super effort throughout the tournament, conceding only twice – a lone goal each to KZN Inland and eventual bronze-medal winning Northern Blues in the pool stages, the Cape Town ladies shut down the powerful North West attack that had been the toast of scoring success in this year’s tournament.

The focus on finding the chink in the other team’s defence brought the tension of the final to fever pitch with both teams tied nil-all at half-time, but coach Andi Bernstein and skipper Taryn Mallett managed to add the right mental frame during the turn-around.

Glasby’s first goal early in the second half gained the Province attack the confidence that allowed them to make the final theirs with Glasby’s second just less than a quarter-hour later, and their defence kept cool heads for a faultless turnout when it counted most.

Western Province’s journey to the final wasn’t as glamorous as the performances that the North West racked up early in the tournament, but their steady ascent to the gold-medal turnout indicates that plans to peak at the right time had paid dividends.

In the bronze-medal match, Northern Blues lived up to their favourites tag in the penultimate match in Durban with Kylie Oosthuizen putting the Pretoria outfit 1-0 ahead at half time, before Amoné Mouton doubled the advantage to claim honours in the Highveld derby.

After being edged KZN Raiders 0-2 Free State (0-1) on Friday, Free State rose to their potential in the 5th/6th place play-offs, adding four unanswered second-half goals to beat KZN Inland 10-2, after leading 6-2 at the halfway mark.

Caitlyn Seegers, Vicki Jonker both scored in the first half as Inland tried to impose some authority, but star performers Izelle Lategan (3) matched the three goals by Tanya Britz, with Lisa Hawker, Cornelle Botha, Line Malan and Nicole Walraven each adding a goal, for Free States’ ten-up winner.

Eastern Province rose to the challenge to finish top of the bottom half of the log in their 7th/8th match win against the 4-1 KZN Coastal Raiders, after the two sides were tied 1-1 at half-time.

Marian Laubscher, Marcia Venter and Dunell van Taak indicated the talent from Namibia, when the tournament’s sole international contestant took honours in the 9th/10th play-offs to win 3-0 against WP Peninsula, the halftime score 2-0.

Kaspersky Witwatersrand came good 6-0 against Eastern Gauteng in the wooden spoon match, with Annene Janse van Rensburg (2), Bianca Viljoen and Kayla van der Walt all adding to an enjoyable conclusion to the tournament for the Joburg team.


Pool Match Results of the 2013 U21 Women’s Hockey IPT, at Queensmead in Durban, from 28 April to 2 May, 2013:
Date / Time / Team A / Final Score / Team B (Halftime Score)
28 Apr 8:30 Kaspersky Southerns 5-2 Namibia (3-1)
28 Apr 10:30 Free State 2-4 Northern Blues (0-1)
28 Apr 12:30 North West 17-0 Eastern Gauteng (7-0)
28 Apr 14:30 Western Province 12-0 Kaspersky Wits (6-0)
28 Apr 16:30 WP Pens 3-4 KZN Inland (2-2)
28 Apr 18:30 Eastern Province 2-1 KZN Raiders (2-0)
29 Apr 8:30 North West 5-0 Namibia (3-0)
29 Apr 10:30 Western Province 3-1 Northern Blues (0-1)
29 Apr 12:30 Eastern Province 6-0 Eastern Gauteng (2-0)
29 Apr 14:30 WP Pens 7-1 Kaspersky Wits (4-0)
29 Apr 16:30 Free State 4-0 KZN Inland (3-0)
29 Apr 18:30 Kaspersky Southerns 4-1 KZN Raiders (1-1)
30 Apr 8:30 Western Province 5-0 WP Pens (0-0)
30 Apr 10:30 North West 5-2 Eastern Province (2-2)
30 Apr 12:30 Free State 7-0 Kaspersky Wits (3-0)
30 Apr 14:30 Kaspersky Southerns 9-0 Eastern Gauteng (6-0)
30 Apr 16:30 Northern Blues 7-1 KZN Inland (2-0)
30 Apr 18:30 Namibia 0-4 KZN Raiders (0-0)
1 May 8:30 Free State 4-1 WP Pens (1-0)
1 May 10:30 Kaspersky Southerns 2-2 Eastern Province (1-0)
1 May 12:30 Northern Blues 2-0 Kaspersky Wits (1-0)
1 May 14:30 Namibia 8-0 Eastern Gauteng (4-0)
1 May 16:30 Western Province 7-1 KZN Inland (4-0)
1 May 18:30 North West 2-0 KZN Raiders (0-0)
2 May 8:30 Eastern Province 7-0 Namibia (4-0)
2 May 10:30 WP Pens 0-3 Northern Blues (0-5)
2 May 12:30 Kaspersky Southerns 1-2 North West (1-0)
2 May 14:30 Free State 0-1 Western Province (0-0)
2 May 16:30 KZN Inland 3-1 Kaspersky Wits (1-1)
2 May 18:30 KZN Raiders 9-0 Eastern Gauteng (4-0)
Semi-final Results, on Friday, 3 May, 2013:
Phase / Date / Time / Team A / Final Score / Team B (Halftime Score) (Shoot-out)
9-12 3 May 8:30 Eastern Gauteng 0-13 WP Pens (0-4)
9-12 3 May 10:30 Namibia 2-0 Kaspersky Wits (1-0)
5-8 3 May 12:30 KZN Raiders 0-2 Free State (0-1)
5-8 3 May 14:30 Eastern Province 2-2 KZN Inland (1-0) (2-4)
1-4 3 May 13 16:30 Kaspersky Southerns 0-8 Western Province (0-4)
1-4 3 May 18:30 North West 1-1 Northern Blues (1-1) (3-2)
Results of the 2013 U21 Women’s Hockey IPT, on Saturday, 4 May, 2013:
11th/12th Place Play-offs: Kaspersky Witwatersrand 6-0 Eastern Gauteng (2-0)
(Annene Janse van Rensburg (2), Bianca Viljoen, Schemoné Swanepoel (OG), Kayla van der Walt)
9th/10th Place Play-offs: Namibia 3-0 WP Peninsula (2-0)
(Marian Laubscher, Marcia Venter, Dunell van Taak)
7th/8th Place Play-offs: Eastern Province 4-1 KZN Coastal Raiders (1-1)
(Keisha Arnolds, Cassandra Lister, Talia Nomdoe, Tristian Schroder)
(Amy Visagie)
5th/6th Place Play-offs: Free State 10-2 KZN Inland (6-2)
(Izelle Lategan (3), Tanya Britz (3), Lisa Hawker, Cornelle Botha, Line Malan, Nicole Walraven)
(Caitlyn Seegers, Vicki Jonker)
Bronze medal match: Northern Blues 2-0 Kaspersky Southern Gauteng (1-0)
(Kylie Oosthuizen, Amoné Mouton)
Gold medal match: Western Province 2-0 North West (0-0)
(Tarryn Glasby (2))

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