Richa Sharma Leading the Way for Women’s Cricket in Oman

Meet Oman Cricket’s Sponsorship and Marketing Manager Richa Sharma and find out how the ICC Future Leaders Program has inspired her to champion women’s cricket in Oman

Richa Sharma is a rising star in sports leadership, steadily making her way in the world of international cricket, and as a fresh graduate of the ICC’s Future Leaders Program, she’s all about making cricket more awesome, especially for women in Oman.

Read below how Sharma teamed up with international cricket broadcaster and gsport Founder, Kass Naidoo, for guidance, learned the power of setting goals, and launched Oman’s Women’s Cricket Development Program, #Cricket4Her.

She lets us in on the challenges she faced, her role as Oman Cricket’s Sponsorship and Marketing Manager, and her eye-opening experience at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. And guess what? Her dream is to lead a sports association or run big sports events someday.

Richa’s journey is an inspiration for young leaders. It’s all about passion, goals, and turning challenges into victories. Get ready to catch her winning strategies and get pumped to kick-start your own leadership journey!

Richa, congratulations on concluding the ICC Future Leaders Program, what did you enjoy most about the program?

The ICC 100% Cricket Future Leaders Programme helped me to reach out to a wider network of people. I enjoyed connecting with counterparts in other locations on global initiatives and learning some good practices.

What was the highlight of being involved as a mentee on this program?

Recently I had the privilege to contribute to the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup and my gratitude to ICC and Oman Cricket for giving this opportunity.

I was part of the Sponsorship and Licensing team and World Cup provided me the chance to meet and engage with experienced individuals, broadening my perspectives on Cricketing opportunities and grateful to learn from the industry’s finest.

You worked with international cricket broadcaster and Founder of gsport4girls Kass Naidoo, tell us about this relationship and what you got out of the mentorship?

During the mentorship, Kass guided me to set clear goals and objectives which enabled me to stay focused and motivated, and making it easier to track progress. She motivated me to work on my things to accomplish list (Professionally and Personally) and have a defined plan in place. Now this allows me to be more organised and have a clear roadmap for my tasks and activities.

It was really special to meet Kass during the World Cup. Hearing her experiences and how she overcame all the challenges was truly inspiring. Thankful to Kass for dedicating her valuable time to guide me throughout the programme and World Cup.

What is the one stand out thing you achieved during this program that will impact Oman Cricket for many years to come? 

This programme and its community have motivated me to devote my time to Women’s Cricket in Oman, and I am happy to share that Oman Cricket, with its vision to promote women’s cricket at all levels, has introduced a Women’s Cricket Development Program – #Cricket4Her.

What was your biggest challenge faced in launching the women’s program at Oman Cricket and how did you overcome it?

An initial challenge that we realised was developing a robust and empowered community among women cricketers, while fostering a competitive spirit. Oman Cricket gathered feedback to assess the state of women’s cricket in Oman, identifying challenges and opportunities. A detailed plan for the development program is crafted. 

Partnerships with local schools and clubs are established to reach young talents. The support we’ve received from ICC, Oman Cricket board, and the entire cricket fraternity has been truly inspiring. Together, we’re set to revitalise the approach towards women’s cricket and create a brighter future for the sport.

Tell us more about your role at Oman Cricket and how you hope this Leadership program will help you further your ambitions there?

Currently working as a Sponsorship and Marketing Manager for Oman Cricket. Establishing and managing the sponsorship, commercials, marketing, media, and social media operations for Oman Cricket. This involves securing sponsorships, creating commercial partnerships, promoting the sport through various marketing channels, managing media relations, and maintaining an active presence on social media platforms. I am committed to develop sport in the region and Leadership program helped towards building positive relationships with existing & potential stakeholders.

What is your advice to women in sport chasing their dreams on the global stage?

When I started working under various sports verticals, I had a natural aptitude for planning and management. Since then I have dedicatedly worked to train myself in management, administration, and communications principles. Maintaining a purpose-driven approach and setting clear goals is instrumental in achieving success.

The proactive attitude towards personal and professional development will continue to be a key asset as you navigate through various roles and responsibilities within the sports industry. Your willingness to evolve and adapt to changing environments will undoubtedly contribute to your success in the field.

Who are some of the world sports leaders your admire and why?

I find inspiration in numerous leaders whose action inspires others to dream more. Learn more. Do more and become more. Moreover, my mother has been an unwavering source of inspiration in my life. Her guidance has instilled in me the belief that the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds. She taught me the importance of embracing a mindset of lifelong learning and the value of seeking guidance from others as a means to acquire knowledge and seize opportunities for personal and professional development.

What is your greatest career ambition?

Become a Chief Executive Officer of a sports association or be a tournament director for international sports events.

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