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Mpho Makhoba with another former Momentum gsport Award winner, rowing administrator, Virginia Mabaso at the School Sport Indaba held recently in Boksburg, Gauteng Photo: gsport

The Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture recently held the School Sport Indaba, a pivotal event aimed at shaping the future for budding talents across the nation. Among the distinguished attendees was Mpho Makhoba, the 2023 Momentum gsport Awards Volunteer of the Year, who spoke to gsport about the future of school sport, and the vital role parents and communities.

Makhoba highlighted the importance of educating parents and communities, providing them with opportunities to step into roles as coaches, technical officials, and administrators. This inclusive approach aims to foster a robust and healthy community environment.

Furthermore, she emphasised the need to strategically present ourselves to potential sponsors. Sharing female-centric stories in sports and engaging in mutual learning can be powerful tools in garnering support for women in sports. Makhoba also underscored the significance of inclusivity for individuals with disabilities, advocating for equal opportunities in sports participation.

Makhoba expressed enthusiasm for breaking down stereotypes within communities regarding the types of sports codes deemed suitable for females. She believes that educating the community about the capabilities of females in playing and excelling in any sporting discipline will pave the way for increased support and empowerment for women in sports.

The School Sport Indaba in Boksburg witnessed a full house, signalling a long-awaited milestone in South African school sports. Minister Zizi Kodwa affirmed that this gathering has laid the foundation for the government’s formulation of a comprehensive school sports policy.

In a significant announcement, Minister Kodwa declared the reintroduction of physical education as an independent subject. The objective is to ensure that children engage in regular physical activity, dedicating at least two hours per week to sports. This initiative underscores the belief that physical education and healthy exercise are integral components of child development.

Minister Kodwa also highlighted the need to shift the focus of school sports from a minority-based program to one that is inclusive of the majority. This vision requires close collaboration between departments, as well as the development of facilities to optimise opportunities for schoolchildren. The exploration of suitable models for private-public partnerships is on the agenda, along with the establishment of a macro-body supported by relevant departments and Sascoc.

In a forward-looking move, Minister Kodwa announced the dispatch of a panel of experts, independent of political influence, to study Jamaica’s system, where school sports is deeply intertwined with community development. This endeavour reflects a commitment to learn from successful models and adapt them to South Africa’s context.

Photo Caption: Mpho Makhoba with another former Momentum gsport Award winner, rowing administrator, Virginia Mabaso at the School Sport Indaba held recently in Boksburg, Gauteng. Photo: gsport

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