What Freedom Means to Bongi Msomi

Being afforded many opportunities as a netball player is something that Bongi Msomi doesn’t take for granted. South Africa is set to celebrate Freedom Day in a few days and the netball stalwart has been part of the game since she was a youngster when the country was still a new democracy. Msomi thinks that it is because of this liberty she has managed to flourish into an indomitable force within the game. All Photos: Supplied

Amidst the celebration of Freedom Day, netball icon and namesake founder of the Bongi Msomi Legacy Project, Bongi Msomi highlights the abundant opportunities women are embracing in our democratic nation. #FreedomInSport #StandTall #WCW

Zenande Funani: A Rising Star in Sports Broadcasting

Zenande Funani harboured dreams of one day playing for the Spar Proteas but when that didn’t look like a possibility she decided she was going to do the next best thing … Join the world of sports media! All Photos: Supplied

Rising SuperSport sports broadcaster and content creator Zenande Funani is making a name for herself in South African sports broadcasting. Her greatest ambition is to inspire the next generation of broadcasters and content creators!