Team Meerkats Crowned SAGF Perfect 10 Champs

by | Dec 17, 2019

The inaugural South African Gymnastics Federation perfect ten showcase took place on Friday, 13 December 2019, at the Rembrandt Hall, at the University of Pretoria which saw South Africa’s top gymnasts across all disciplines competing for top honors.

The five teams competing for silverware were Meerkats, Zebras, Cheetahs, Gazelles and Blue Cranes which saw the competitive showcase being opened by Kaelin Campbell and Kyan Bloem of the Cheetahs when they performed their acrobatics routine followed by Tameka Meyer, Dacota Philliphs and Kirsten Hall of team Gazelle.

Jude Courtney and Isabella Rathbone of the Blue Cranes represented their team by displaying a fine performance in the acrobatics session and Shanika Mapping, Hanna Fritz and Vetelle Jacobs of team Zebra closed off the open acrobatics’ session.

Botha Claims Individual Top Honours 

Alina Galukhin, Mammule Rankoe from team Gazelles, Dane Engelbrecht from Meerkats and Kisha Samson from Cheetahs, all represented their teams in the rhythmic gymnastics’ routine session. Thereafter, the final performance of the showcase came from Yulia Galukhin for team Zebras.

The awards ceremony took place shortly after and Shanika Mapping, Hanna Fristz and Vetelle Jacobs from team Zebras won the medals for the acrobatics gymnastics discipline.

Tyde Cooper from team Cheetahs took top honors in the Women’s Artistic discipline whilst Stanley Houane from team Meerkats was the winner of the Rope Skipping routine discipline.

Demi Botha from team Gazelles picked up the top honours in the aerobics gymnastics discipline. The overall winners of the inaugural SAGF Perfect 10 gymnastics showcase were team Meerkats who had the most medals awarded overall.



Photo 1 Caption: Team Meerkats celebrate after winning the inaugural SAGF perfect 10 gymnastics showcase which was held at the Rembrandt Hall, Tuksport at the University of Pretoria on 13 December 2019. Photo: SA Gymnastics


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