TRIBA DEFINED – “Rediscover the woman you were in the mother you are”

Guest of Honour, Dr Semane Molotlegi (Queen Mother of the Royal Bafokeng Nation) with Triba Founder & MD Dale Knowles-Gaylard. The brainchild of founder Dale Knowles-Gaylard who found her needs as a new mum were not being met, Triba will be the first of its kind – a one-stop, member-based centre where wellness is distributed both physically and intellectually to women in motherhood, whilst their children’s well-being is ensured.

The cornerstones of the Triba service offering are support, networking, space and time. Translated into services and facilities, these include a variety of offerings to women – from napping in an elegantly appointed sleep room to doing internet research in the library, chatting over a cup of coffee or networking – while their children are cared for or enjoy some form of extra-mural activity on offer.

Opening this summer, the flagship centre is located in St Albans Road, Craighall Park, with centres opening around the country thereafter. The centre is divided into two distinct areas, TRIBAchild and TRIBAmother.

The mother (the member) will arrive at the centre and "check-in" or register her child at TRIBAchild. The child will either participate in some form of pre-arranged extra-mural activity (such as ballet, yoga or swimming), or simply settle into the childcare area where she will be looked after by qualified childminders.

Guest of Honour, Dr Semane Molotlegi (Queen Mother of the Royal Bafokeng Nation) with Triba Founder & MD Dale Knowles-Gaylard. Once the mother is happy that her child is settled, she will leave TRIBAchild and enter TRIBAmother by passing through the TRIBAcorridor. Here she will be welcomed and pampered.

She may simply wish to do some on-line shopping in TRIBAoffice, catch up on the latest news in TRIBAlibrary, read some minutes from work in the TRIBAsensorygarden, or have a cup of tea and a sandwich in TRIBAcafe before her manicure in TRIBAspa.

Or else, she may be desperate for a half-hour nap in TRIBAsleep. Whatever her desire, and no matter whether she plans on being at the centre for 15 minutes or three hours, her child will be equally well cared for and nurtured whilst she "claims" time and space, networks and enjoys an environment enriched in support.

Although our initial membership targets have been reached and we will not be offering the exceptional special that we gave our first signed-up members, we are offering the equally attractive rate of R220.00 per month (including more than one child) for anyone else who signs up prior to opening.

Once the centre opens, the monthly rate will increase to R250 per month for the first 12 months with one dependent and an additional R30 per additional dependent. Transferable, corporate memberships are also available. Initial monthly membership fee will only be deducted when the TRIBA centre opens.

Check out the TRIBA website for more info.