Unforgettable Night for #gsport18 Award Finalists: Youth Stars Emerge as Momentum gsport Awards Winners

The Momentum gsport Awards is a celebration of the incredible achievements and contributions of women in sport, and for first-time attendees, Emerging Athlete of the Year, Kyra van Kan, and SuperSport Schools Sports Star, Alicia Khunou, found the experience nothing short of amazing. 

Kyra van Kan, the winner of the Emerging Athlete of the Year category, was overwhelmed by the entire experience, saying, 

“The experience for me was amazing,” said the break-through golfer. “Getting my makeup and hair professionally done was truly a treat and I don’t think I’ve ever looked so glammed up! The privilege of wearing a fancy dress and attending the red carpet really made me feel like a celebrity.”

The atmosphere of the event left a lasting impression on Van Kan, adding, 

“It was incredible meeting new inspiring women in sport, and I got goosebumps during the intro of the gsport Awards when the choir sang their beautiful song. The winners’ speeches were all so heartfelt, and I’m really glad I got to be there in person.”

Emerging Athlete of the Year, Kyra van Kan

Reflecting on her expectations, Van Kan admitted that the actual night exceeded them, continuing, “The atmosphere was so much more vibrant, and everyone was super friendly and supportive. gsport held the Awards night much more efficiently than I thought, and I enjoyed every moment of it.”

For Alicia Khunou, the Momentum gsport Awards was a surreal experience: 

“The moment I walked out of the car and saw all those beautiful women with their stunning makeup and dresses, it was surreal to see all that in person,” said Khunou. “It was like being surrounded by proud and accomplished women, sharing their experiences and celebrating together.”

The highlights of the Awards night for the globally-accomplished field athlete were the unity and joy that filled the room. 

Khunou explained:

“The audience was my highlight. It was the most beautiful thing to see people from different areas coming together and celebrating. When the choir started singing, the audience stood up and sang along. It was really amazing.”

SuperSport Schools Sports Star, Alicia Khunou

Attending the awards Ceremony also had a profound impact on Khunou’s perspective on women’s sport recognition. She explained, “To see the extent of the lack of recognition in society today was shocking and sad. It made me appreciate the respect I have for women’s sport even more, and made me grateful for what we have now.”

Regarding the contribution of the Momentum gsport Awards to the empowerment of women in sports, Alicia emphatically stated, “The recognition first and foremost is huge. Feeling like whatever you do is being recognised by the world gives that extra kick to keep going. Hopefully, it will motivate younger youth and inspire other women and girls to tap into their own creativity and reach their potential.”

An amazing fact of Khunou winning in 2023 is that her sister Lesedi, who shares their mom as coach, won the very same award in 2022! Khunou described the family winning streak as amazing, and expressed her admiration for her sister, saying, “She set an amazing example of what an athlete should be, and I am in awe to be in the presence of greatness.”

The Momentum gsport Awards truly leave a lasting impact on the attendees, showcasing the power and achievements of women in sports. As these two remarkable athletes experienced, it is a night filled with inspiration, celebration, and a renewed drive to continue breaking barriers in women’s sport.

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