Wenda Nel Awaits Final SA Olympics Team Announcement

Wenda Nel is awaiting the final announcement for the South African team that will represent the country at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

This will hopefully be her second Olympics participation following the 2016 Rio Olympic Games where she reached the semi-finals in the 400m hurdles.

Nel has had a love for athletics since she was a little girl. What started as playing and running outside, ended up becoming her career and also a representative for South African sports.

“Athletics has always been a big part of my life, but I have also made an effort to not let it define who I am and form my identity”, she said.

“The planning for any major competition consists of a combination of different things including training routine, nutrition, recovery, mental space, etc,” Nel said in response to some of the strategies/routines that she has in place building up to the 2020 Olympics.

As an athlete, she is always keeping fit by staying healthy, making time for her recovery and using upcoming competitions as markers to achieve her goals.

“I am close to the end of my career, but I believe the love and passion I have for this sport will follow me wherever I go.” South African 400m hurdler, Wenda Nel.

The 400m hurdler is aware of the challenges that come with being an athlete but is choosing to focus on the things she is able to take control of. What is important for the athlete is to represent South Africa as it is a reminder of her journey and getting to a place of being able to represent her country.

She draws inspiration from anyone who continues to choose to see the joy and beauty in life and embracing any scar that forms part of their story.

Sometimes she draws inspiration from those who have experienced similar setbacks to her. This has helped with her journey as a South African athlete and is still going to as she is nearing the end of her career.

“I am close to the end of my career, but I believe the love and passion I have for this sport will follow me wherever I go. I am planning to incorporate athletics into my life, one way or another.

“I am excited for new opportunities and would love to give back and support our younger and future generations.  For now, I am focusing on the 2020 Olympic Games. After that, I will embrace whatever opportunities come my way.”



Photo 1 Caption: Wenda Nel during the 400m hurdles at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Photo Credit: Zimbio.com

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