Juliet Bawuah: “A global experience for an African Queen of Sport”

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Imperial African Woman in Sport winner, Juliet Bawuah, is bursting with excitement following her victory on the Momentum gsport Awards stage, after the Red Carpet was rolled out for history makers and record breakers.

Winners were announced during a glittering broadcast on SuperSport Variety 4 on 31 August, with multiple repeat screenings over the past few days, as the #gsport16 Winners’ Circle soaked up the celebrations.

Every year, winners tell us what a life changing experience it is to attend the Momentum gsport Awards, and this year has been no different.

Speaking to the gsport team after her #gsport16 win, Bawuah said: “It is an amazing feeling to win the Imperial African Woman in Sport award. This is for African women in sport.  want you to know that there is space for you to thrive and excel.

“Personally, I have always looked forward to one day being a part of the Momentum gsport Awards. So, when I was named as a finalist, it was then that I realized I am close to finally ticking off one the professional recognition on my bucket list. It was even more rewarding when I walked up the stage to pick the award. I am excited that the many years of work that I have put in has paid off and got the attention of the jury and the fans who voted for me, I am besides myself and so horned to be recognized.”

Bawuah was blown away by the coming together of different brands, all in the name of women’s sport.

“It was so amazing to see the many sponsors come together and make this a success. I am so thankful to Imperial for making my category such a great one to win. I don’t think we can ever emphasize enough on the importance of having big corporates come out proudly and loudly to support women in sport and the initiatives that celebrates and honors them, both in the fields and outside”

On her experience at the #gsport16 experience, Bawuah was thrilled to meet some of the women she admires.

“ It is a very beautiful experience for me to have been able to attend the awards and pick up my award in person. On top of that, meeting all the amazing women who are doing brilliant in their respective fields within the sporting industry is a big highlight for me. This is truly a celebration of the brilliant work that African women in sport everywhere are putting in to reach their goals. I have no words for the gsport family, I am certain that they will continue to grow to levels they have always dreamed of. This was truly a life changing experience for me, it really was a global experience for an African Queen. I cannot wait for us to conquer Covid-19 because every woman in sport deserves to experience these awards”

Bawuah, an extraordinary multi award-winning journalist, was flown from Ghana to South Africa for a night of absolute glitz and glam. She met some of her fellow women in broadcasting as well as some of the athletes whose impeccable work and stories she has had an opportunity to tell.

After an incredible year as a journalist and at the helm as Group Head of Sports at Media General Group and as the founder of the Africa Women’s Sports Summit, Juliet was awarded as the African woman whose impact and strides have gone beyond the borders of her country and the African continent into much broader and larger communities in the world.

Visit the Momentum powered gsport newsroom to catch up on the latest women’s sport news and read all about the #gsport16 winners.


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