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by | May 22, 2007

The 2007 Acer 5 Nations Commonwealth Tournament winning team Great Britain, who prevailed against Canada, Australia, New Zealand and hosts South Africa. Picture Jeremy Campion, courtesy Women's Golf South Africa.
Women’s Golf South Africa has confirmed that pay channel SuperSport will screen highlights of the recent Acer 5 nations Commonwealth Tournament played at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club.

“There is no doubt that TV coverage is essential to growing the women’s game,” said WGSA Secretary, Vivian Horak, in anticipation of the highlights to be shown every day at a different time slot, between May 24-28.

“SuperSport have waived the placement fees for amateur golf on many occasions, something Women’s Golf really appreciate. (But) The production costs and editing have to be paid for, and for this we look to our sponsors.”

“TV coverage was looking like a ‘nice to have’ until Acer came on board as the naming sponsor mid-March, this enabled us to accept the quote from (producer) Su Quirk, and we expect to see an excellent television programme on the Acer 5 Nations Commonwealth Tournament,” said Horak.

Horak says her association was happy with
South Africa’s third place finish in the tournament which was won by

Great Britain
. “We have participated three times in the event and finished 5th each time, so finishing 3rd was very acceptable.

“In this event you compete against the top amateurs from Gt
Canada and

New Zealand

“Each country has considerably more women golfers than we have in

South Africa
, and all enjoy big injections of government funding to prepare their elite squads throughout the year for such tournaments.”

WGSA has been especially happy about the interest that tournament generated.

“There was great interest country-wide from all golfers and especially our women golfers. Press information was sent to all the participating countries; our web-site was kept up to date, and was well used.

“We have had excellent feed-back from all the countries, and a stream of requests for additional information and photographs of the event,” said Horak.

“Jeremy Campion has been sending his outstanding pictures, and Alison Spratley, Christine Iliadis and WGSA have been assisting with the information.”
Here’s SuperSport’s full schedule of highlights:
Acer 5 Nations Commonwealth Championship
Date               Start               Title            Channel
24-May-2007 19h30 – 20h00 Highlights  SS6
25-May-2007 15h00 – 15h30 Highlights  CSN/SS1
26-May-2007 09h00 – 09h30 Highlights  CSN/SS1
27-May-2007 20h00 – 20h30 Highlights  SS1
28-May-2007 07h30 – 20h00 Highlights  SS5

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