ASP Opens SA Branch Office

by | Apr 5, 2007

The international governing body for professional surfing, the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), has opened a branch office in South Africa to enhance the levels of service to its members, events and sponsors.

ASP Africa joins North America and Japan as fully-fledged branch offices of ASP International, whose headquarters is in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast of Australia.

“In the rapidly expanding globally surf industry, ASP International intends to improve its operations by creating branch offices to better serve the interests of our members, events and sponsors,” says ASP CEO Brodie Carr.

“This allows us to consolidate and control how our brand is positioned, presented and viewed, not only by our key stakeholders, but also in the wider sporting and general community.”

Cape Town based veteran sports administrator Colin Fitch has been appointed Operations Manager for the local branch.

His duties include handling member’s entries into ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) events worldwide, sanctioning and providing services to WQS events on the African continent, and sourcing additional events and sponsors.

“As a branch office we are looking forward to collaborating with ASP International to ensure our local members have access to all the benefits enjoyed by those who join a global sports association,” Fitch said.

“In addition, ASP Africa will be focusing on increasing the number and ranking of the WQS events run on the continent and boosting the levels of service the organisation provides to current and future sponsors of events, the media and the surf industry.”

“Along with Surfing South Africa (SSA), the national controlling body for surfing in this country, we hope to provide a clear career path for all competitive surfers.”

Started as a stand-alone regional office in 1988, ASP Africa has crowned men’s and women’s professional surfing champions since 1989, and Pro Junior (U20) champions since 1997.

ASP Africa’s first WQS events for the ladies in 2007 is the 5 Star R180 000 Mr Price Pro women’s event, to be staged at North Beach in Durban between July 2 and 8.

Formerly the Gunston 500 (1969-99), this event has been a permanent fixture on the ASP calendar for 38 years.

ASP Africa’s current and future crop of world-beating surfers can look forward to enhanced opportunities to qualify for the top level tours, as ASP Africa swings into action.

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