Bianca Tarboton Wins 2021 Otter Women’s Race

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Champion trail runner, Bianca Tarboton, says she had one of the happiest strongest runs of her life, as she powered her way to becoming the 2021 Women’s winner of the Otter African Trail Run in a new record time of 04:45:34.

Writing on her Instagram page, she said: “I went into the Otter African Trail Run knowing I had trained hard, was feeling fresh and in a good mental space. But I also went in putting no pressure on myself and instead set out to achieve just two goals – to run happily and strong.”

The Otter Trial run is rated as a Marathon distance, and the 42-km Classic Race traverses East to West, starting in Storms River and finishing in Natures Valley, traversing four river crossings involving 2,400 meters of elevation gain, including 11 significant climbs, an ordeal called “The Grail of Trail”.

Tarboton, runner-up in last year’s Otter race – the ‘Retto Edition’ run in the opposite direction from West to East, went on to list key things that worked for her on her record breaking run on Saturday.

“My nutrition worked, hydration worked, consistent pace worked, kind and soft internal dialogue worked and it ended up being one of the best, happiest and strongest runs of my life!”

Tarboton is known for her record breaking performances. In 2019, she broke the course record in the 22km Sanlam Peace Trail Run.


Leading Results for the 2021 Otter Trial Run Women’s Classic Race:

  1. Bianca Tarboton 04:45;34 (record)
  2. Julika Pahl 05:25:55
  3. Nadia Jooste 05:28:39
  4. Landie Greyling 05:50:16
  5. Marina Hand 05:59:58


Photo Caption: Champion trail runner, Bianca Tarboton credits happiness and strength among the key success factors that enabled her Otter Trial Classic Race in a new record time of 04:45:34. Photo: Bianca Tarboton (Instagram)


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