Canoeing SA Pens Deal with SiS to Safeguard Athletes

by | Mar 27, 2021

Canoeing South Africa has taken a bold step towards safeguarding the health and integrity of its athletes by signing a partnership agreement with supplement supplier, Science in Sport (SiS).

“It is imperative that all of our athletes who rely on supplements as part of their daily training routine and recovery can take those products secure in the knowledge that they are all fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and SA Institute for Drug Free Sport rules,” said Canoeing South Africa president, Kim Pople.

“This strategic partnership with SiS will give every athlete peace of mind that the supplements and recovery products they are taking are 100% legal, and will also allow them to purchase these products at preferential rates.”

Keith Buhr, the sole South African importers of Science in Sport, welcomed the partnership with Canoeing South Africa as the part of the national federation’s drive to keep all paddling disciplines clean.

“Our Informed Sports programme assures athletes that every single batch of every one of our products that carry the Informed Sport logo.” – Science in Sport’s Keith Buhr

“Our Informed Sports programme assures athletes that every single batch of every one of our products that carry the Informed Sport logo has been tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping laboratory, LGC,” said Buhr.

“Every single batch of our finished product which leaves the company’s factory in Lancashire in the UK is screened against the 2020 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list. Banned substances including steroids are tested to the level of 10 nanograms per gram, and stimulants to 100 nanograms per gram.

“In addition, we carry out pre-production testing of ingredients, maintain full trace management of all raw materials from raw material base and manufacturing supplier, through to finished goods manufactured per production batch, we implement rigorous screening of all ingredient suppliers, including an annual auditing.

“Our production facility in Nelson in Lancashire is screened throughout the year, including swab testing and third-party inspections,” he concluded.


Photo 1 Caption: Canoeing SA logo. Photo: Canoeing SA


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