Organisers of Monday’s R375 000 City2City marathon between Johannesburg and Tshwane have confirmed that entries for the 50km event closed yesterday, with entry forms for this lucrative event flooding the offices of Athletics South Africa.

Speaking to gsport … for Girls! this morning, the ASA’s delighted Phiwe Tsholetsane (Mgr: Events, Marketing & Communications) exclaimed that she will have to double her resources, to cope with the huge number of event entries received.

“Yes, entries for the 50km City2City Heritage Ultra Marathon closed yesterday,” said Tsholetsane. “We were expecting about 2,500 entries, but I estimate we’re going to have at least 4,000 runners this year!”

“We have mounted an aggressive media and PR campaign this year, and we’ve been on all the media outlets,” Tsholetsane told gsport. “Our exposure has been great.”

Tsholetsane said that the cash prizes apply to the ultra-marathon only, while athletes entering the 20km walk/run event are mostly using Monday’s competition as preparation for the Nedbank Matha Series Soweto 20km walk/run on 5 October, where prizes are available.

Entries for Monday’s 20km walk/run are still being accepted, and the ASA told gsport that entries for the 20km event will be accepted up until the race day.

Discussing the ultra-marathon, Tsholetsane explained that there are a number of prizes available, including R50,000 to the first woman over the line.

The 2005 first place was claimed by Yolandi MacLean, with strong competition from Sarah Jane Khumalo and defending champion Phaulinah Phaho, while a dominant Harmony claimed the team prize.

Prizes are also awarded to runners who finish in the top 10, with the final award of R1,000 going to 10th place.