Dr. Janine Brandt is off to Busan to address Global Esports Executive Summit

In April of this year 2019 Dr. Janine Brandt was co-opted onto Mind Sports South Africa’s Board in order to hold the position of Womens’ Desk.

Janine has already done more in such position than all her predecessors have ever done, and is a dynamic member of the team.

Thus it has come as no surprise to MSSA to find out that Janine has been invited by International Esports Federation (IESF) to discuss, and talk on, health matters affecting esports athletes at its Global Esports Executive Summit – Busan.

Already stretched for time as a medical doctor, Janine throws herself into her passions which includes the issue of gender equality in the gaming industry and making more opportunities available for females, as well as promoting health, healthy living and the health benefits associated with gaming in fellow gamers.

In esports circles, Janine is known for her competitiveness in the popular title League of Legends.


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