gsport Calls Out for January Vacation Reporters

by | Dec 14, 2019

gsport is looking for vacation workers with a keen interest in telling the stories of women’s sport this coming January. This position will suit a self-starter with an ability to create varied content, like blogs, capture, edit and share photographic and video material, file match reports, and conduct interviews.

Do you have what it takes? Login or create a free gsport membership account, tell us HERE why we should give you the chance to join the gsport team and we will get back to you if you are successful. The successful candidate will be paid a stipend of R4500 per month.

Looking back, the first two weeks of December has been incredible for gsport as the team welcomed the first four Vacation Reporters who have shown their prowess, and with their valuable inputs.

As 2019 saw both gsport and women’s sport in Mzansi rise to a higher level, gsport saw it fit to provide a platform for female students to start owning their success and look to build a formidable foundation for their futures by joining an initiative that seeks to uplift women in every aspect.

The current students who are part of the team for the festive period have been exposed to gaining valuable work experience and gain a greater understanding of working in media.

So far, the four ladies have shown that they are eager to be part of elevating women’s sport in the country, but as gsport makes the call to allow other young females to join the team for the first month of the year, two from the current crop will make way for four new members.

What is gsport Looking for?

gsport will be looking for female students who are eager in writing proudly South African women’s sport content for the website, as well as video editors and photographers, who will be required to plan their own content and provide sound ideas that aims to highlight both top and the unknown athletes and share their stories.

They will be put through the same process that was taken by the current students which includes:

  • Submitting an application and telling us why you should be a successful candidate
  • Successful candidates will be chosen from phase one – the application stage and will be notified
  • Once these candidates have been notified about their successful application, they will undergo a test in phase two to test their skill level and their suitability in terms of gsport’s requirements for both website and social media contribution during the proposed one-month period.
  • Once the second phase has been conducted, four successful candidates will be selected to join an exciting gsport team that are passionate about telling the world about South African women’s sport.



Photo 1 Caption: gsport December Vacation Reporter, Zintle Tunce, from Stellenbosch University was one of the four successful candidates to join the gsport team. Photo: Zintle Tunce

Photo 2 Caption: gsport December Vacation Reporter, Venice Ditshego, based in Pretoria. Photo: Venice Ditshego

Photo 3 Caption: gsport December Vacation Reporter, Mabongi Gazu, based in Umlazi. Photo: Mabongi Gazu

Photo 4 Caption: gsport December Vacation Reporter, Bronwen Bain, based in Johannesburg. Photo: Bronwen Bain


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