KZN Raiders Women Earn Fourth Consecutive Spar Indoor Hockey IPT Championship Title

The KZN Raiders pictured after winning the 2024 Spar Indoor Hockey IPT at the Wynberg Military Base in Cape Town, on Saturday, 2 March, 2024. Photo: ES Media

The defending champions KZN Raiders reversed their pool stage defeat to emerge victorious and be crowned Spar Indoor Hockey IPT champions for a remarkable fourth consecutive title, at the Wynberg Military Base in Cape Town, on Saturday, 2 March, 2024.

Western Province took on KZN Raiders looking to end a three-year hold on the trophy. The hosts had produced a brilliant performance to end a long undefeated run, handing the KZN Raiders their first defeat since 2019 in the pool stage, and were hopeful of adding to that in the final. 

Isabella Booyens opened the scoring for Western Province early on and it was a lead they held until half time. They would surrender the lead when a mis-trap saw the ball come across to Tatum Kroutz who made no mistake to level the score.

With seconds left in the third quarter KZN Raiders took the lead for the first time. Western Province was unable to clear their lines and Malikah Hamza popped up and finished to punish the opportunity. 

A brilliant run from Kelsey Swanepoel saw her convert to stretch the lead to 3-1 before Western Province set up a grand stand finish when captain Jamie Southgate pulled a goal back. 

The hosts poured everything in, including pulling their keeper from the game as they searched for an equalizer. But Malikah Hamza took advantage of the open goal and slammed it home to seal a fourth consecutive title and 8th in nine years. 

Earlier in the day, the KZN Mynahs secured promotion with a brilliant battering of the Northern Daisies In the women’s B section tournament. 

Women’s A Section Day 1 Results at the Spar Indoor Hockey IPT 2024 

WP Peninsula 2-3 Mpumalanga
Northern Blues 6-0 North West
KZN Raiders 4-0 SG Witsies
WP Peninsula 1-3 North West
Northern Blues 8-0 Mpumalanga
Western Province 3-1 Southern Gauteng
Women’s B Section 
KZN Mynahs 7-0 WP Disa
Eastern Gauteng A 6-2 Eastern Gauteng B
Eastern Province 2-6 Northerns Daisies
Eastern Province 0-1 WP Disa
KZN Mynahs 16-0 Eastern Gauteng B
Eastern Gauteng A 1-4 Northerns Daisies

Women’s A Section Day 2 Results at the Spar Indoor Hockey IPT 2024 

KZN Raiders 6-1 Southern Gauteng
North West 3-2 Mpumalanga
KZN Raiders 1-2 Western Province
Southern Gauteng 6-0 SG Witsies
WP Peninsula 0-3 Northern Blues
Western Province 6-0 SG Witsies
Women’s B Section
Eastern Gauteng B 0-8 WP Disa
KZN Mynahs 3-4 Northerns Daisies
Eastern Gauteng A 2-1 Eastern Province
Eastern Gauteng A 1-3 WP Disa
KZN Mynahs 5-2 Eastern Province
Eastern Gauteng B 1-6 Northerns Daisies

Women’s A Section Day 3 Results at the Spar Indoor Hockey IPT 2024 

5-8 Playoff – Mpumalanga 2-1 SG Witsies
5-8 Playoff – Southern Gauteng 4-1 WP Peninsula
Semi-Final – Northern Blues 3-4 KZN Raiders
Semi-Final – Western Province 2-1 North West
Women’s B Section
Northerns Daisies 3-4 WP Disa
KZN Mynahs 6-1 Eastern Gauteng A
Eastern Province 4-3 Eastern Gauteng B
Semi-Final – KZN Mynahs 9-2 Eastern Gauteng A
Semi-Final – Northern Daisies 5-4 WP Disa 

Women’s A Section Results on Day 4 of the Spar Indoor Hockey IPT 2024 

Gold Medal Match – KZN Raiders 4-2 Western Province
Bronze Medal – Northern Blues 4-0 North West
5th Playoff – Mpumalanga 1-2 Southern Gauteng
7th Playoff – SG Witsies 0-2 WP Peninsula 

Women’s B Section

Gold Medal Match – KZN Mynahs 7-0 Northern Daisies
Bronze – Eastern Gauteng A 0-4 WP Disa
5th Playoff – Eastern Province 2-0 Eastern Gauteng B

Womens A Section Final Standings at the Indoor Hockey IPT 2024

  1. KZN Raiders
  2. Western Province
  3. Northern Blues
  4. North West
  5. Southern Gauteng
  6. Mpumalanga
  7. WP Peninsula
  8. SG Witsies

Womens B Section

  1. KZN Mynahs
  2. Northern Daises
  3. WP Disa
  4. Eastern Gauteng A
  5. Eastern Province
  6. Eastern Gauteng B

Original Copy: SA Hockey, with editing by gsport

Main Photo Caption: The KZN Raiders pictured after winning the 2024 Spar Indoor Hockey IPT at the Wynberg Military Base in Cape Town, on Saturday, 2 March, 2024. Photo: ES Media

Photo 2 Caption: Jess Lardant, captain of KZN Raiders, leading her team to a remarkable fourth consecutive title. Photo: ES Media

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